Friday, March 18, 2011

     As soon as the Hospital calls us, we hurried and went to get the request from the hospital for blood needed for the child. Thursday evening we went to a blood bank in manila to get the needed pack and gave it to the Hospital after a few hours of travel. This morning March 18, we visited again the child and we praise God that after the blood was transfered, the child is now in stable condition and already can open her eyes and move. Even though the child is still striving, the family that before clients of the ministry are very happy and giving thanks to the Lord. Her mom can already smile and we prayed for them and for the child. We saw how God's love was displayed to people who thought they are alone. Thank you for all those who prayed and continue praying or the complete recovery of the child. To God be all the glory!


  1. This is the story of child yesterday post (March 17,2011) had a severe pneumonia a progress story for the child name Ana Marie (not real name)

  2. yesterday night my kids i are praying for this child to heal by God!