Thursday, July 21, 2011

June News Letter 2011 Issue


     Parents start to worry as the school year is getting near. Wondering how can they provide for their children’s supplies and other school needs everyday. Because of this, many poor children are just satisfied having only one notebook for every subjects, old uniforms and others just use plastic bags to carry their books going to school. These are the realities of their life.
     Through prayers and support from people who are willing to help and share the love of Christ. The Sponsor A Child Now Program as an instrument of the Lord to bless these poor children provided their needs for this school year. Each child under the program together with their parents received their funds for their shopping. June 24, 2011, even though the weather was not well because of typhoons. Parents and their children are very excited to receive their fund for the school supplies. Most of them are surprised and can’t hardly believe that they are really going to buy their children’s needs and free to shop wherever they want to. Together with the team, we have seen how their hearts are very thankful for this opportunity as they checking their list and fitting new uniforms for their children with a smile as they we’re shopping. “Now my child will no longer complain having only one notebook at school...this is a big blessing to us!” as most parents say as they enjoy their shopping with their children.
     Even small things can really be the most biggest part into a persons heart especially if it God who is in the move. We thank the Lord that we are chosen to be an instrument to bless people and bring hope into a child’s heart. We are continue praying for this will be not the end but a start to a child, a family and a community to bring change and reveal God’s beautiful plans for everyone.
     Please continue praying with us and help us through supporting these children who are in need. And to God be all the glory.

“May your deeds be shown to your servants, your splendor to their children. May the favor of the Lord our God rest upon us; establish the work of our hands for us-yes, establish the work of our hands.                    
                                                                                          - Psalm 90:16-17


     Alternative Learning System continue in reaching out of school youth who has the heart of pursuing their dreams to finish high school and go to collage. Last June 15, we had twenty seven learners from the first  day of their class. 
     Each learners has hope that one day their names will also be posted with those ALS passers from the past years. All came from poor communities, some are working to help their families and some are those who recovered from being addicted to solvent and changed having hope putting themselves out of the poor situation they are in to. In some ways they know that there is a God, a living God who guides them and has much better plans in their life.


     The Basic Literacy program for the Nightlife Ministry really helps these children to enhance their skills in reading and writing especially to those not yet in school but wants to learn basic skills. As months passed we saw the changes and we are blessed to see them growing and learning which they really need as a child. Most of them continue their scavenging at evening to earn money and help their parents for food. Actions are taken as three of the children from the Nightlife Ministry became a part of the Sponsor a Child Now Program and had a chance to continue their learning in formal school this year.
     We are praying hard that we can help more to these children and their families to take them out of the poor situation through the help of our Lord Jesus Christ and reach out children  from the streets where realities of life is more seen.

 1. Fund for 6 months feeding program, vitamins, hygiene kit for Tiaong, Quezon
2. Fund for Food For Life Feeding, hygiene kit and vitamins
3. Fund for existing program ( ALS, Nightlife and Sponsor a Child )
4. Allowance for workers ( July - December )
5. 2 Laptop computer ( Community Based and Sponsor A Child ) and printer


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