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Caring for the street children
Vision:  We exist to help the street children to become self reliant and find their value in Jesus Christ and living lives of hope and responsibility.
Mission: We support children and families in transforming their lives through holistic approach and their bio, psycho, social and spiritual being.

February 2012 ISSUE

Please Pray!
Peace and Grace upon you in the presence of our Lord Jesus  Christ!
By: Gela Basiwa
          For five months now our staff members have not received any financial support, but they continue working hard and giving their lives, effort and time.  We urge you to pray for the staff support.  Most often it is easier to raise funds for the projects rather than the support of the workers. We all know that we can’t make most projects happen without the hard work of the people. But we think about how to do it and really pray for this matter. However, we are not losing our hope that one day God will provide the amount needed for the support of the staff. While writing this, I’m praying with thanksgiving in my heart  for the financial provision.
     Pray also for us , that whenever we open our mouths, words may be given to us  so that we will fearlessly make known the mystery of the gospel for which we are as an ambassador in chains. Pray that we may declare it fearlessly, as we should.
Please include this on your prayer for the staff:
1. Monthly Staff financial support for 8 people—P19,000 or about $475 USD monthly.
2. 1 net book for the staff for documentation—P16,000 or about $400 USD.

Please include this in your prayer for the ministry:
1. Learning center room renovation ( Target date to finished until May this year )—P50,000 ( $1,250 USD )
2. IFL Training for Teachers in the Learning Center —P8,000 or $200 usd.
3. Materials , books for Learning Center—P22,500 or about $563 usd.
4. Please pray for Ptr. John’s provisions to travel going to Leader Mundial Costa Rica Trip from March 15 to April 2, 2012.
5. Staff Planning and retreat on April 23-27 —P50,00 or about $1,250 usd.

 "For your donations please designate to “IT  Tender Ministry”

Help me!
By: Cecile De Jesus

              Joy (not real name) seems so tiny, skinny, and is a third-degree malnourished child. For her age of 2-years old she should be in the walking stage right now, but she is not walking because of malnutrition resulting in an abnormal body build.  Third-degree malnourished is the findings based on the nutritionist. Because of this Joy’s situation became worst resulting in sickness, laziness and severe dehydration. The case was in urgent need of assistance and she needed to be confined in the hospital. Our team worked hard on it, we did some referrals but it looks like the government would have nothing to do about it. She needed to have at least 6 months in the hospital and to be given proper food and vitamins for her to return to the proper nutrition needed. Bringing her to the hospital is her normal routine but it is a very short confinement because of the financial inability of the parents. As of now the ministry gives the child the help and proper treatment, as she’s been involved in a 6-month feeding program of IT Tender Ministry to help her in a little way to bring back her nourishment for a while. The ministry also included some activities that help her to gain self confidence and to learn the Word of God. These activities have evidently shown good results from her smile and a little bit of response in terms of her physical needs, and sometimes she’s joining other child to play with her.
            We are fervently in need of your prayer to continue giving support for this child.  We want the child to rehabilitate as early as possible. Right now, a little change for the child is our little way of helping, Praise God! We saw her being strong and eager to strive and fight on her situation. This was positively shown on her response to the past program, which is a positive to her parents. Although she finished the 6-month program and had some changes to her, this still is not enough for her situation. She still needs to undergo further rehabilitation and medication that will totally change her physical aspect for her to do the things that a normal child can do.
  To continue the  activity to this child, we refer her to partner organization for her past recovery from malnourished. We do close monitoring to her by the help of our partner and a regular home visit and follow –up .

“The Young Bread Winner”
By: Jizza Magallanes

Jennifer (Standing)  together with her mother and
younger siblings at the front of their house in Sucat
     Hearing a child being the bread winner of the family may cause people to feel pity. But in a second note, it is incredible for a person to take this kind of responsibility at a very young age. Jennifer (Not real name), a 15-year old girl and the eldest among five siblings, is the featured child of the month. She is now in her 2nd year in high school at a public school in Parañaque City. And a beneficiary of the IT Tender Ministry > Sponsor A Child Now. An educational program that aims to send children from poor communities to formal school. This includes the provision of school materials, daily allowance and other developmental activities. As a Child’s Right Advocate, the ministry reaches out to a child like her.
                 Jennifer’s daily lifestyle includes selling of newspaper in the morning and selling vegetables in the afternoon. Her average daily income is $6 US dollars or P250.00. This is just enough to feed her five siblings. But not enough to support the needs in school of her two siblings. Both of her parents are unable to support the family’s needs. Her father is working at a distant place as a farmer. But his income is not enough for their daily needs. While her mother is sickly and is the one who is taking care of the other younger children. Because of this situation, the child’s education was affected. Causing her to be often absent in school. Knowing that she is a beneficiary, for quite some time she chose to distant herself from the ministry. Through the Sponsor A Child Now Family Day, the ministry has able to reach out to her again. The said event was held last February 11, 2012 in a beautiful resort in Laguna. More than the fun and laughter, the said activity aims to advocate the Rights of the Child. This empowered her to decide to continue her studies for the coming school year. Through a home visitation, she and her mother said that they are willing to work harder to pursue her education.

From House Keeper to Dream Keeper
By: Gabby Malquisto

     Alternative Learning System is a program of the Department of Education that reaches out to out-of-school youth and adults who did not finished their Elementary and High School level for many reasons. Through Community Learning Centers like our ministry we are able to help rebuild dreams and hopes to these people who still aspire for more in their life. As of 2012, there are twelve (12) active learners in the center, they came from poor communities near the center.  Most of the learners are recovered from drug addiction and sniffing solvent (Rugby). Most of them are working - some at night and some at day time. They are involved in working as a scavenger, barker, vendor (selling bottled water), housemaids and construction workers. They may look like they feel hopeless, but because of God’s mighty works that are really used as tools for the youth to start dreaming and to reach their God given talent and capability and are  now in the stage of seeking and striving one’s hope and desire to finish their study.
          “ Mellisa” was referred to the ALS program by one of the workers from another organization. She stopped her study in formal school from an elementary level because of financial instability and she was forced to go in Manila to work as a housemaid earning 3,500 or $84 usd a month. By this reason she’s now able to sustain her 2 sisters in the province to giving financial support to their study for them to continue their school. What a great sacrifice offer of herself to help her family.  She dreams not only to work, but still thinks about going back to school. However, it is hard for her to return to formal study because of her job, until finally one of the IT Tender staff told her about the program of ALS or Alternative Learning System. She was told about the program for out-of-school youth that brings new hope for her to continue her studies even through non-formal schooling. She is not a bright learner like others, but we had seen her commitment and dedication through her consistent attendance and participation in the class. Many times she shared to us that she already wants to stop studying and just focus to her work to support her family and her two niece in studying. The Lord gave us wisdom to encourage her more and trust God from every dream she wanted to pursue.
    Now she has already taken the Accreditation and Equivalency exam last October and became part of the Learners recognition last January which gives her more courage to study more and continue pursuing her dream through the ALS program. She is just waiting now for the result of the exam this coming April and already praying for what course she will take when she passes the examination. She is still consistent and focuses on her studies through God’s grace and wisdom given to her and continues trusting the Lord from everything she wants to do and dream in the future

By: Gabby Malquisto

Natutoako kung paanomagingisangtatay…” (I learned now to became a real father) bravely said by a man who took the challenge of becoming the leader of a family that God entrusted to him.
Charlie with his partners at their house
      Back in 2008, as the team walked along the streets of a mall in Alabang, we found street youth scavenging in front of the said area. With them is an old woman along with her children doing the same thing. The street youth named “Charlie“ lived his life as a hard-core street dweller who only knows of scavenging to survive and is always under the influence of an industrial solvent known as “Rugby”. From years of being under the program or the street-based ministry, we almost thought and saw “Charlie” as a hopeless street youth and we just left everything to the Lord.
     But as the Lord started everything in the ministry and to the people entrusted to us, we had seen how God moved in Charlie’s life as a person who became a head of a family God entrusted to him. One of his step sons became a beneficiary of the sponsorship program and he has been a real father to the child giving him the best that he can for his family. People are blessed on how Charlie shared his life to the other fathers in one group activity.  We are thankful as a team that God used the program to alleviate the self-esteem of the person for them to see the real scenario of a real person.

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Thank you Everyone!
We want to say thank you to all our supporters and prayer partners. Without your love and support this ministry could not operate in the capacity it is right now. We are blessed that you have heeded God’s call to “spend yourselves in behalf of the hungry and satisfy the needs of the oppressed.”
You are a blessing to the ministry and you are helping making a difference in the lives of many here in the Philippines.
Thank you for your selfless generosity!

IT Tender Ministry

Peace to the brothers and sisters, and love with faith from God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. Grace to all who love our Lord Jesus Christ with all undying love.

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