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Sponsor A Child 1st Quarter Report 2012

Touching the Life of a Family...

   As it is believed, a child is an entry to the community. The Sponsor A Child Now is not just an educational assistance program for the children from poor communities. It also aims to reach out to their families and to bring them closer to our Lord Jesus Christ.
And so the ministry is joyful to share this story of a couple who just got married after being together for almost 10 years and having three children. They are the parents of one of the beneficiaries of the program. Through a free mass wedding ceremony given by the City Bible Church-Alabang held last February 25, 2012.
It was poverty that pushed them to build a family outside marriage. But knowing that it is quite expensive to get married, they chose to have a live in relationship. It was a joy for the IT Tender Ministry to support them and to help them to make their wedding as memorable as much as possible. Through the provisions of wedding rings, beautification of the bride, photo and video coverage and other things.
 Junrey and Myrna are now guiding their family through a new light since God is now a part of their relationship. May God strengthen them more and may He wills that this will be a start for the other families to follow.
TALL SMILES! The Crizaldos had their family shot after the wedding   ceremony.
 he groom would eat some of the break, then break a piece off over the brides head, 

 I came that they may have life, and have it to the full.”     John 10:10b

Families Were Gathered through 2012 Family Day!

 Fun. Laughter. Teamwork. And Love.            These  combined the Sponsor A Child Now 2012 Family Day held last February 11. The said activity aimed  to promote the importance of a providing a quality time for the family. And through an Evangelical Message given by Ptr. Joshua Benavidez, it also aimed to bring them closer to our Lord Jesus Christ.
From 5 o’clock in the morning until the evening, the day was filled with excitement and thanksgiving. The said event was well attended by 85      clients from 16 families. They
agreed that they had a blast! These families testified that it was a very rare opportunity for them to have a bonding moment with each other. The fathers and some of the mothers were always busy at work. And also it is quite expensive for them to treat their family for a swimming or simply for a picnic in a park. For most of them, recreation is not a part of their family lives.
The program was started by an opening prayer lead by a Canadian Missionary Kuya John Coffey. The beneficiaries were enjoying hearing a foreigner speak-
ing Filipino. The main activity was the groupings of the mothers, fathers and children. Sis. Gela T. Basiwa handled the mothers while Ptr. John Basiwa handled the fathers. Part of the said activity was a devotion about family in a Biblical context and a discussion about he Roles, Responsibility and Rights of a Mother or a Father. The children were handled by the younger staffs. They conducted coloring activities, games and promotion of the Children’s Rights for them. To God be all the glory for the opportunity to serve His
people in a fun way!

“ Families testified that  it was a     very rare opportunity     for them to have a    bonding moment    with each other. ”

AFTER THE EXHAUSTING FUN-FILLED DAY ! The attendees had still managed to smile after all the activities.

THE ARRIVAL ! After less than of an hour of riding the tourist bus, the attendees have finally arrived at the
 us, the attendees have finally arrived at the resort.

 TO GOD BE ALL THE GLORY! The families were given a chance to hear the Word of God.

A Letter from An Inspired Heart...

 From an overwhelming gratitude, Cristine gave her testimony of how God touched her life through the Sponsor A Child Now. As she shared how the program inspired her and moved her to gave her  best in her studies. She is the Top 1 of her class!
It was her family’s economic situation that made her to be one of the 26 beneficiaries of the said program. Her mother had a stroke two years ago which caused half of HER body to be paralyzed. While her father is a tricyle driver. His earnings range from P100 to P200 or $2 to $4 USD a day. His income is not enough to cover her mother’s medication. But through the sponsorship program, Cristine conquered all the trials and have managed to be best in her class! Next year, she will be in 3rd Year High School.

Una po sa lahat… nais ko pong
“First of all, I would like to
Magpasalamat sa Sponsor A Child
Say my gratitude to Sponsor A Child Now Program
Dahild sa pagsuporta at gabay sa aking pag-aaral.
Because of your guidance and support
Kayo po ang inspirasyon ko sa aking pag-aaral
You became my inspiration in my studies
Upang mapagtagumpayan ko
In order to conquer
Lahat ng pagsubok na aking kinakaharap.
All the trials and hardships that I faced during this school year
Bilang ganti sa inyo,
In order to repay you,
Pag-iibayuhin ko pa po
I will strive to study harder
ang aking pag-aaral sa susunod na taon…”
For this coming School Year 2012-2013.”
-Cristene, SACN Beneficiary

Writer’s Little Corner

A Roller Coaster Ride! The School Year 2011 - 2012 has just ended. From the very first intake interview that was conducted by yours truly held last February of last year until the one on one interview held last March. I had the privilege to experience and not just to witness the progress and the life of the beneficiaries of the Sponsor A Child Now program. It was a humbling experience to visit them and their families. And listen to their stories, hardships, dreams and aspirations. It was like a whole new classroom much bigger than in my university and the lessons were much deeper than my social work books.                                      
Please pray as we aim to help more children and to reach out more families. So many big plans ahead because we believe that our God is the powerful and gracious. Plans that will help the beneficiaries to be more developed and to improve. May you find in your hearts to support us. We are needing a laptop and a digital camera for the report making. We will be also conducting Case Conference by the month of April.  To God be all the glory!

May God bless these beneficiaries more.. Praying for all the best for them!

lin“It was a humbling experience…  to listen    to their  stories, hardships,         dreams and aspirations“
 g experience…  to listen    to their  stories, hardships,         dreams and aspirations“

“It was a humblin“It was a humbling experience…  to listen    to their  stories, hardships,         dreams and aspirations“
 g experience…  to listen    to their  stories, hardships,         dreams and aspirations“

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