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I.T. Tender Ministry > Sponsor A Child Now 2nd QUARTER NEWSLETTER 2012

A Yummy Treat !

Ma’am Lerma Galang, a teacher from 
ALS-Muntinlupa lead the prayer for food.

  For the first year of the Sponsorship Program, the ministry is joyful to share that God used it as a tool in helping 3 students to finish their studies in elementary. And also we have 2 sponsored children who excelled in their class and became the Top 1 and Top 2 Most Outstanding students.
As a treat for their hard work and also for their parents’ perseverance, they were invited for a celebration at Shakey’s Restaurant last April 24, 2012. They said that it  was their first time to dine in this kind of place and they were so happy. Most of them added that they did not celebrate after the graduation or the recognition day because it was costly for them. What made them happier was when they received gifts. They were so excited because they had a new set of clothes. This was also a chance for the staff to congratulate the children and most especially their parents. We hope that this will inspire the other children. And we pray that for the next year, we will be able to produce more hardworking students and treat more hardworking parents.

Brain & Heart Storming

Teacher Cecille presenting the program of 
SIMULA Learning Center last May 9, 2012.

The busiest period has come. The transition phase from the termination of the school year and planning for the new year. The keyboard of our computer had to endure the long hours of typing. The coordinators of each program gave their best and even shed tears in order to prepare their reports and proposals, which they will each present for the case conference.  At the same time, conceptualizing the framework or plan with the help of the accumulated learnings they had for the
past year.
The vibe at the center was a combination of thanksgiving to God for being gracious for the past year and also excitement and anxiousness as the new school year is fast approaching. The coordinators have to stretch out and to seek His wisdom as they lead. They had to step out of their comfort zones as the Sponsor A Child Now program expands into a wider range of harvesting field. Your labor in the Lord team will never go in vain.

A Jump Start !
Orientation of SIMULA last June 11, 2012.

Orientation Day of PAGBABAGO last June 13, ‘12.

Orientation of HAKBANG  last June 9, 2012.

The much awaited opening of the new and bigger Sponsor A Child Now has now arrived. God has been our guide as the team gathers over 100 people attending with only one desire, and that is facing together the School Year 2012-2013. They participated well  during these 3 events: The Signing of Memorandum of Agreement and Orientation in Hakbang (Footsteps)-Sponsorship program simultaneously held in two different areas; in SIMULA (Beginning) Learning Center; and, the PAGBABAGO (Transformation) -Alternative Learning System.
The objective of these event is to formalize the partnership between the ministry and the clients and their families. Because the helping is not about giving them material things but guiding them to become self-reliant. An orientation about the program and the rules and regulations was also tackled. The services that they are about to receive were discussed. But what excited the participants most is the schedule of activities for the whole school year. Children and parents were looking forward for the developmental activities like the educational field trip, children & youth camp, Christmas Party and family day. What was new for this year was that the contracts and presentation were translated into Filipino so that it will be easier for them to comprehend.
Ptr. John and Sis. Gela gave their inspirational message and challenge for the students and parents. They also lead prayers and shared the Word of God. Please pray for us as we minister to over 120 people. Our main objective for this year is to bring them to church.

Thank you Everyone!
We want to say thank you to all our supporters and prayer partners. Without your love and support this ministry could not operate in the capacity it is right now. We are blessed that you have heeded God’s call to “spend yourselves in behalf of the hungry and satisfy the needs of the oppressed.”

You are a blessing to the ministry and you are helping making a difference in the lives many here in the Philippines. Thank you for your selfless generosity! IT TENDER MINISTRY

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