Wednesday, March 16, 2011

February 2011 News Letter

     Every year, many children suffers from lack of knowledge and being out of school because of the poverty. Most of these children choose to take the risk of going into streets and find ways to earn money for living and to help their families in everyday needs. Because of these causes from children who are being part of the Nightlife Ministry, we start teaching Basic Literacy from our sessions in the ministry. This is to help them to learn their basic writing and reading skills so even they are not in school, they can still continue learning and still we are having Bible lessons for the children that also teaches God’s promise and how to walk with God.
     As we see children learning, we see people having new hope in their life and give their trust to God. This program will run for ten months and children who will undergone this program will be transferred to Alternative Learning System Elementary Level and other child sponsorship program of the I.T Tender Ministry, a good start that will give a young child a big good future.

      Alternative Learning System A & E Board Passers for 2011!!!
     At last, the long wait is over! Two learners from the Alternative Learning System program passed the Accreditation and Equivalency test they had taken last October 17, 2010. The results was given to students from the website of the program and also their mobile teacher gave ranking scores of each learners. Even though only two learner passed the examination, others are still willing to take the next exam this year and hit the scores to pass the exam. Both sides are blessed from what God has done and still holds what God has for them for the Future. Passers are now ready to take the next step toward the good future they know God prepared for them. And to God be all the glory!

     It has been an opportunity for the I.T Tender Ministry for continually being used by God to be a channel of His blessing to other people who has needs and the humble heart for reaching out in different areas. We are really blessed by the Lord that one of our partner church embraced our ministry and became one of the churches who continue the Feed My starving Children Program in their area, in a remote area where many children also suffer from malnourishment and lack of nutritional knowledge from their parents. Now we had start the partnership where they will be the tool for Jesus Christ name will be known in their area and be reaching out not only children but also their families.

     For the next school year is now only about four months near, and so the I.T Tender Ministry Team are getting prepared from all the things needed for the Sponsor A Child Program to help children who are not able to continue their studies because of poverty here in Alabang and Sucat area. To get thing prepared, last February 26, we gathered all children who are candidates to have the sponsorship and do a case studies for each of them. All staff of the I.T Tender Ministry Team spend the whole day asking questions, knowing each ones problems and needs for the upcoming school year. Each one has their stories of struggles, family problems and more that we can’t imagine children are going through in their young age.
     Even though it is hard and lot work for each one, we are blessed that God is giving us the strength and courage to help these children and their families, teaching them to work together and see what good future the Lord has for them. We know that it is not about the poverty, it is not about what can we receive but what the Lord can do to these people, it is not yet done and a lot more things to be prepared for the Sponsor a Child Program but everything is in God’s control for life of these children.
“ Pray with us and be a channel of God’s blessings to these children who are in need of knowledge, care and love.”

“ For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you
And not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”
                                                                                    - Jeremiah 29:11

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