Thursday, March 17, 2011

Please pray for this baby " Marjorie Baltizar"

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  1. The baby was about 6 month old, the parents of the baby was part of our program "night life" their doing scavenging at night and they earned only 50.00 php pesos per night , they get their junk at the Mall near by their place.

    The name of the baby was Ana Marie (not real name) she need now the blood transfusion she's suffering from "severe pneumonia" her body was so weak and can't breath alone need to put a tube in order for the baby to breath accordingly. we are needing one bag of blood for the baby to survive in one factor of her ill, according to the doctor the body of the baby was infected and she looses her red blood for the baby to revive the resistance they need to have blood transfusion. Another thing , the baby need to get fluid for examination to be sure that the infection not goes to her brain.

    We fervently pray for this baby for her recovery!