Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The 6 month old child recovery!

     After her weeks of observation after the blood transfusion to Anna Marie(not real name), she now finally recovered from her lung problems. While Anna Marie is in observation, the Hospital release their first bill that was about P 45,000.00 and they just do not know where to get that big amount and it gets bigger as day pass that the child is in the hospital. We continue praying for the child and her family, and this afternoon April 12, 2011 Thursday at our Nightlife Ministry Session her mom brought her child and joyfully giving us the good news that their child has recovered and they are out of the hospital. Their bill was about P 202,000.00 but through the help of some social welfare in the hospital they were given discounts and they now only need to pay the balance of  P 51,00.00 and they made a letter to the hospital that allows them to go home and just pay the balance billing in some agreements. The child's parents are very thankful to God that their child recovers and they promised that they will take care of their child much more after what happens, they humbly accept their mistakes and promised to God that it will never happen again.
     Anna Marie's medical observation is ongoing even they are at home. It is true that our God do such things that a human mind can't think of, We praise God from what He has done to the child and her family and we thankful to all who continue praying to Anne Marie and to the Ministry. To God be all the glory!

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