Thursday, April 7, 2011


CHILD SPONSORSHIP is your opportunity to transform communities and to impact the children in reaching their God-given potentials.  Each sponsor is connected to a child or children and their families.
Your pledges of $20 a month or about P900 pesos will help make the child’s community a healthier and happier place, not only for the sponsor child and other children in the community, but for future generations as well. Your regular donations will be utilized together with our IT Tender resources to benefit the children, their families, leaders and churches through:

· Access to education and provision of school supplies
· Good health and nutrition
· Values formation, spiritual development, and child advocacy
· Skills and leadership training
Yes, I would like to be a sponsor.
I pledge to give:
$  240 annually
$  60 quarterly
$ 20 monthly

Transforming communities to impact the children in reaching their God-given potential

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