Thursday, April 7, 2011

March News Letter

     It is really good to see how children are having fun learning the basic ABC’s, doing crafts and other positive activities. The most precious achievements is to see how the children can feel the love not only from the people taking care of them but from God who they are really coming to know. As we walk along the railway side of the area where most of the children from our program live, we realized how blessed are we to be in this kind of ministry and thankful to God that He called us to this mission. We entered a small alley and saw how they are excited to see us in their place. We visited the houses of some children who are candidates for the Sponsor a Child Program and spent time talking to them. We saw more of their situation. One little girl is  really longing to go to school but her mother died a year ago and her father only scavenges for a living. There is no education fund his daily earning barely is enough for food. They live in a very small house that is only made from scrap wood and patched with empty rice sacks. No place for a family of three to live.
They shared their struggles in life and also the happiness experience amongst their daily pains.  In their hearts they are very thankful that there are still people sent by the Lord who are willing to spend time with them, help them and let them feel that God is with them. For us we are thankful to see more of God’s graciousness in their lives as well.

     With our partnership with the barangay health center and their nutritionist, the I.T Tender Ministry held a sanitation seminar last March 18 at the center for community parents. They shared knowledge of danger having unclean surroundings, toilets and improper hygiene. These improper living conditions bring diseases like diarrhea, cholera, and dengue which is experience by  most parents living in the community. We thank God for bringing people who are willing to help in His ministry and the knowledge He shared for parents from community who we are reaching out. We continue partnering with other organization and churches to bring education to remote areas and to share God’s word.

    As we continue the Alternative Learning System, It is also one of our plans is to have a discipleship program for regular learners who are willing to seek the Lord in their hearts. This program are set this June but God has given us early seekers that’s why we started the discipleship last month of February. Three of our learners from A.L.S is now undergoing the discipleship program for them to know the Lord more and more in their life and find their purpose here in earth. Last March 23, we had finished our first course “The Salvation” where they had a deep understanding about their salvation and other topics from that course. We are blessed how these learners not only seek knowledge in this world but also seek knowledge about God’s word. Two of the learners who are in this program are former “rugby boys” and recovered by the help of God and now seeking for him and his promises. Last March 30, they had an review exam from our past lessons and we saw  how they are really studying and getting focused from what they are doing and it really show that they are interested and learned a lot. We continue praying for these three learners that they will finish the discipleship program and become men who comes to know the Lord in their lives.

     We are very thankful to the Lord for bringing people who answered His call for missions here in the Philippines. A team from Hawaii visited and joyfully do ministries in the Community and Nightlife Ministry this month of April. They  had put a place in every child’s heart that they ministered in different poor areas here in Manila especially to children from streets. May God bless every person who are willing give their life to serve the Lord in every Nation.


   We are still praying for the thirty five children to be sponsored this coming school year. Many children are longing to have knowledge and a good future but poverty is hindering them to continue their studies and achieve their dreams. Please pray with us  and let us be channel of God’s blessings to these children who are in need of knowledge.

     This coming April 5, the Community Ministry will launch a new program “Food for Life”. Where we target thirteen malnourished children from community to undergo the feeding program that includes their Hygiene kit, bible stories and activities  and monthly height and weight monitoring. Please pray for the program that more children will recover from malnourishment and for their parents to understand the importance of  nutritional knowledge for their children and be a tool to for them to know Jesus Christ in their lives.

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