Monday, May 9, 2011



      After a year of struggles, hardships and waking up early, our first day of April was full of  gladness and giving honor to God. A day to give recognition to the learners who have worked so hard. Striving to complete the preparations of turning their dreams into a realties.
     Those who passed the Accreditation and Equivalency test  are living testimonies the faithfulness of God. They are very thankful to Him and to the people who always encourage them to continue pursuing their dreams through this Alternative Learning System program. Pastor John gave a message of encouragement to those learners who passed and also to those who didn’t. He encouraged them continue their education until they receive the fruit of their hardships. We had fellowship with them, playing games and giving funny awards.. We also planned to set up some activities so even in vacation months we can still have a once a month gathering. All of the ALS students displayed determination to continue their studies. Now we are praying that more out of school youth will be reached .


After we saw the needs of the malnourished children around a remote area beside the ministry center. We conducted a height and weight activity to distinguish the children who are in severe malnourishment and take action as God leads into helping these children . The product of God calling is the new ministry program called the Food For Life. Each child has their own hygiene kit which consist of soap, toothpaste and many other hygiene material. This is to teach children and their parents about the importance of sanitation and to give knowledge about nutritious food that a child needs everyday. We are still in partnership with the local health centers who conduct seminars for parents and heath check up for children which the ministry is providing. As well as monitoring the monthly height and weight for nourishment levels for each month as they continue the program. This will run for six months and we thank God for a for a very great start. He has placed a great passion in our hearts to help these malnourished children, the great passion of glorifying our Lord.


     Empowering youth is also empowering a whole community. Last April 14, together with our partner mobile teacher we conducted a Basic Literacy Training for young people who wants to help children from their community to have a summer learning class in basic reading and writing. It was really great that the mobile teacher gave these young people a step by step lessons on how to teach basic literacy to small children out of school and they are really excited and show their interest in learning.

     After the training was done, the young people gathered children from their community and brought them into a near place under a mango tree and start teaching children. They want to teach children so there are something they can do to help this summer and they want to continue it as long as they can see unschooled children in their community and we are so blessed from their lives and how the Lord put the desire in their hearts to help and reach out children in their community area. The basic literacy teaching is going every Monday, Tuesday and Friday.


We held our 1st quarter ministry evaluation and planning this year 2011 at a camp site in Rizal, Laguna last April 25 and 26, 2011. Because we only had a very limited time, we do our planning and evaluation until midnight just to get done. We saw how the Lord was really faithful and shown His greatness from the past three months in His ministry as we evaluate how everything was going. A time of sharing testimonies and wisdom to each other as a team and servants of the Lord. After the evaluation and planning we commit everything to the Lord who is the owner of the ministry.
     We also thank God that we finished our Case Conference for the candidates of sponsorship from the Sponsor A Child Program. Although we work hard for everything still the Lord who is giving us strength and wisdom to do it and commit everything to him and still praying for ten more children to be sponsored in this program. And we believe that God will provide for those who are in need of knowledge, love and Christ in their hearts.

   We continue asking you to always keep us in your prayers and support us financially to be channel of God’s blessings to people who are in need and weary.

· We are still praying for sponsors of ten more children under the Sponsor A Child Now Program which still raising $20 or about P900 a month for each child sponsored.
The Sponsor A Child Program will have a dinner for a cause this coming may 21, 2011 and we pray that more people will support the sponsorship program for the children and a successful program for Dinner for a Cause.

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