Friday, May 13, 2011

Sponsor a child update

Dear Friends and Donors,

Thank you very much for giving your prayer and effort to support "Sponsor a Child now”, this was new project of IT Tender Ministry, because of your love to God and to the needy children the project became possible to exist. As a coordinator of this project we just done many unbelievable things happen during our case study to each child as we go along the intensity of doing this project was so high and we learned many things from them. I for one cried in many hearing unique situatio and start praying how I can help them out to the darkness situation.  While I’ll study their lives something in my heart dwelling and this is to help them and pray for their transformation and finished their school so that this maybe their tools getting to have a  good life and an impact for his community.     
  Three weeks from now the sponsor child will send in their school and a lot things need to be done like their orientation and buying all those stuff for school needed.  We are focusing also for their parents and child spiritual guidance and some recreation for the child.
   Remember we are targeting 35 children to send in this school year 2011-2012 but right now we only have 21 children to send in school and we have 15 donors responded to this call , we are praying for more 14 children awaits to send in school.


Gela Basiwa
Sponsor a child Coordinator
IT Tender Ministry


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