Sunday, June 26, 2011


      To share the love of Christ  and to make true the dreams in  the lives of broken children dreaming for a better future for themselves and their family. We held a Dinner for a Cause last May 21, 2011 and invited brethren from different partner churches and organizations. Expecting only a few people to come we were thankful to find out that as people came more chairs were needed so everyone could have a seat. The guests were willing to send help and pray for the children who are in need of education. In this program we explained all about the child sponsorship and how they can help to support a child. Some of the sponsored children rendered a drama presentation to express their gratitude towards the people who serve the Lord through supporting these  children who have dreams of a better future. While I.T Philippines director Ptr. Gani Sison was praying for the children, we saw from their eyes how they are really blessed that there is a God who answers prayers. The kids shared their testimonies on how the ministry became an instrument to rebuild their dreams. Even after the program people who were interested kept  approaching the staff asking how  they could be apart of helping children through the Sponsor A Child Now Program. As well as continually expressed their hearts desires to help and pray for the ministry.
     We are giving our praise to our Lord Jesus Christ from this privilege to help children who live their lives in poverty and to the people who always pray with us. To God be all the glory!
     “Train a child the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it.”                                                                           
                                                                                                                              - Proverbs 22:6

FOOD FOR LIFE MINISTRY...DENTAL CHECK UP!                                                                 

     In partnership with the local health centers. The Food for Life program held a free dental check-up for the beneficiary of the program. We brought them to the health center and there they met their dentist to check their teeth for a good smile. Some children was scared because it was their first time to have a dental check up but most of them are excited are happy because they had their teeth cleaned. They also give away free toothbrush and toothpaste for the children. The children are so joyful and their parents we’re very thankful from the free dental check up that they can’t really afford if doing it on their own. They are also thankful to God for everything is a big blessing for them. From thirteen malnourished, including severe and under weight children, three of them are now in normal nourishment stage and others are continue gaining their nourishment. We continue praying that through his program malnourished children will recover and to be a blessing to their parents and their community.


    Together with the team. We went to a community where one of our partners church is doing the Feed My Starving Children Program. An extension help for our partner churches in their area. Bringing a big white board, amplifier and LCD projector for the film showing to children in their area. Thankful to God that rain somehow calmed when we arrived to a small place where we will do the film showing. The children are very excited and we can see that they come too early just to have front seat. After the film showing it was time to be fed and take their vitamins. We are blessed to see that program was shared to other places and communities in Alabang and to provinces in Laguna. It is not just the program was shared but also the love of our Lord Jesus Christ to children. Still their program include monthly height and weight monitoring to children and also seminars offered to their parents.

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