Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Food For Life August 2011 News Letter

Food for Life  

          Food for Life Feeding Program is helping the malnourish children in Community of Napocor Alabang, they were 13 beneficiary aging 2 - 6 years of age. Living in a small house made of scrap bags of rice and fly wood under an electric tower. This electric tower is a source of electricity supplying the vicinity in city of Muntinlupa. Usually  a vendor, barker, construction worker, in a towing work, street sweeper and scavenger was the main source of income in supporting their needs.
  Through this feeding is the best way to help and support the nutrition needs of the children. In which conducted a 3 times a week feeding every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and implement different kind of activity for them such as having clean and neat body through hygiene, shared word of God through bible teaching, enhance their creativity through craft and coloring, help them to become physically fit through games, make them healthy and strong through giving nutritious food and vitamins, and enhancement of their self confidence through playing and mingle with other children. We also have monthly height and weight to monitor if there's an improvement or not. It is done every last day of the month and give to the nutritionist of Local Health Center for the assessment.
    Mostly the participants of the feeding program is in a severely stage or in a 3rd degree of malnutrition in which different kind of sickness they will get because of having weak immune system. Commonly sickness that they encountered are fever, cough, colds and diarrhea in which cause by the changing weather that we have. Due of these they been absent to the program that affect them to learn and skip the food that must give .
    Regular check up, give medicine for the sick children like paracetamol for fever and carbocistein for cough Is the first action that must apply to these children. Conducted a home visit to the children to monitor and been able to know some problem that cause of malnutrition. On the other hand the program is not only providing feeding for the children but also a seminar for the parents for them to learn and be knowledgeable for some nutritious food that they can give to their children.  As of now we still continue to partner to the Local Health Center for more learning specifically seminar for them.
    Despite of problem that faces by these children, we are so thankful that they are participating and learning from the teaching that been given and provided to them. Learning that focused and teach them to be much more responsible and knowledgeable the right way of giving good nutrition for their children. As of now we are continue to partner and communicate to the Local Health Center for more teaching and information of having healthy living.

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