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Sponsor A Child Now 1st Quarter General Report 2011

(Caring for the Street Children)
1st Quarter 2011 General Report

The School Year 2011-2012 Beneficiaries of the program together with their parents.

Sponsor A Child Now is an Educational Sponsorship Program under IT Tender Ministry. Where the sponsor will donate Php 900 or $ 20 a month to support the education of the beneficiary. It exists to provide educational assistance for students who are willing to finish their studies and to improve their life, family and the development/progress of the society.
As of school year 2011-2012, there are 26 beneficiaries. The youngest are at the age of 6 years old while the oldest is 17 years old and from Grade 1 level to 2nd year highschool level. They come from different communities; the Upper Sucat Muntinlupa Community, the EsteOnor Alabang Community, the NAPOCOR Alabang Community and there is one beneficiary who is now having his temporary shelter at the IT Tender Drop In Center in Alabang. These children underwent a series of screening procedures like the intake interview, home visitation and case conference before they made it to the program. They passed the given qualifications like unstable economic situation in their family, determination to study, willing to cooperate with the IT Tender Ministry.
The beneficiary and the ministry are bonded by the Memorandum of Agreement. Which stated that the sponsor together with his/her family or guardian, will work together to assist the sponsored child achieve the education and development leading to a stable family within a peaceful community upholding Christian values and principles. The ministry will provide them with financial assistance, material assistance, medical assistance, developmental programs and services  like Bible sharing/study, tutorial sessions, participation to church activities, youth camp, family counseling, leadership training.


June 4, 2011  Signing of Memorandum    

  of Agreement

Ptr. John (ministry head) and Sis. Gela (program director) oriented them that they will work together in fulfilling the ultimate goal of finishing their studies upholding Christian

        June 24,2011 Releasing of Fund for
                   their  school materials
     The money they received is amounting    
     only to the school materials that were
                   granted for them to buy.

        June 24-27, 2011 Buying of School   
                   Uniform & Materials
        The parents and the beneficiaries are   
      looking for a new set of school uniform.

Last Week of June, 2011   Home Visit
   For monitoring.

July 7, 2011  School visit
The goal of this activity is to introduce the   program to the beneficiaries’ teachers

         July 27, 2011  1st Quarter General Assembly

     The objective of this activity is to re     
        mind them about the role of the SACN

August 12, 2011  Medical & Dental Check Up
             Held at the Alabang Health Clinic. The doctor prescribed them with vitamins. Some beneficiaries were recommended for a tooth extraction.

August, 2011  4P’s Family Bible Study
             This is a regular activity which happens every Tuesday Morning and being lead by Sis. Liza Esquierdo.

Summary Report:

In the first month, it was also found out during the home visited last week of June the beneficiaries are more determined to always present in school because of the sponsorship program. And also for the other reasons like they can now afford to ride a jeepney instead of walking and enduring the heat of the sun going to school and also in going home. Other families also testified that it was their first time to buy all of the school materials needed at the same time. Most of them are reported by their respective area coordinators that they are having a regular attendance in school and an average performance in their classes. This was validated during the school visit held last July 7, 2011. There was no major problem encountered.
In the month of July, some of the beneficiaries were reported to have an irregular attendance because of their health conditions and toothaches. The action taken by the worker has established partnership with Local Health Clinic of Alabang. It was planned together with the resident dentists and nutritionist that the medical and dental check up will be held month of August. One of the regular activities of the program is the general assembly. The 1st Quarter General Assembly was held last July 27th at the IT Tender Drop In Center. Games, a short parent’s orientation and celebration of the July birthday celebrants were conducted. The beneficiaries testified that the program brought light to their lives which is making their future a little bit clearer. They even compared it to the sun, to the stars and a candle.
As it was planned, a medical and dental check up was conducted last August 12th at the Local Health Clinic of Alabang. Only 13 beneficiaries attended the activity because the others were taking up their major examination in their school. Only some of the beneficiaries were diagnosed as having an essentially normal health condition. All of them were prescribed with vitamins suitable for their health. While some of them were recommended for further medical examinations like blood test and urine test. Most of the beneficiaries were recommended for a tooth extraction.
For the first quarter, most of the beneficiaries are having a regular attendance in school. For those beneficiaries who are having an irregular attendance in school, several interventions were conducted by the worker. Like interview with the client, home visitations, school visits and also hospital check ups.  The problems encountered were mostly related to health issues and a few about family matters.

Assessment :
I could really see the improvement in the lives of the families of the beneficiaries. From the intake phase1 until now that the children our enrolled in their school. It really showed in the cases of those who are having a regular attendance in school that their only problem is their finances. These are the students who are very determined to study and their families are very supportive of them. While to those who are reported to have an irregular attendance in school, underlying problems2 were encountered. Like broken or unhealthy family relationships. Which affects the students determination to be present in school and also their participation in their classes. Most of their families demanded for more than what the program can offer. Their presenting problem is lack of money but it was found
during the case study3 that the underlying problem is that the parents are supporting a large number of family members which can’t be supported by their mere income. But since the program only offers the alleviation1 of the family’s economic situation through financial and material support, what I can only do is to conduct home visits and interviews. My objective is to guide the family to look for other opportunities through their own resources4 like their skills. Basic counseling was also provided were the beneficiaries and their family can ventilate5 their emotions and help them to have a better view of their problems.

Recommendation :
Some beneficiaries are recommended to undergo tutorial programs in order for them to cope up with their lessons in school. These students are reported to have an irregular attendance in school for some reasons.

1— Intake Phase
Where a client will undergo a series of screening procedures to know if he/she is qualified for the ministry’s services.
2— Underlying Problems
These are issues that most of the clients are not really aware of or they are used to. These are bigger problems that resulted to minor problems whic the client thought their major problems.
3— Case Study
A thorough study conducted by those who have studied Social Work. The information taken are came from home visits and interviews. These are assessed with the Social Work discipline, knowledge and skills.
4— Resources
These are the skills, the knowledge, support system that the client have. And mostly, the clients are aware of them but they do not know how to use them for their benefit.
5— Ventilate / Ventilation
It is a technique used by the Social Workers in encouraging the client’s emotional expressions for stress relief and to gain objectivity about problems.

" To God be all the Glory ! "

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