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Learners as they render their God given 
talents and share it to bless others.

     “Bravo!” as people gave their clap offerings to the Lord through learners who render a special number last November 27 at the City Bible Church Alabang. From a simple invitation of their senior pastor, these learners became so excited as we ask them if they can render a dance number at the church. They immediately respond to the call and start to form their group and pick a song to dance. They were about to pick a fast song when we let them heard a song not familiar to their ears...we are the Reason! Somehow the song catches the learners attention and said it’s a good song and they will do it for their special number. They are so excited as some of them said it is a challenge that it is their first time to handle a slow song and others are not really dancing at all.
     At the day of their presentation, they even invite their parents to attend church and some of their friends. They are blessed from God’s message through the speaker and as it ends they blessed people from their God given talents shared. People from the church keeps on giving their clap offerings to the Lord as they see how the Lord move in these learners lives. At the center we may not have much but sharing some bread and enjoy everyone's company as we give thanks to the Lord for His guidance and blessing from a simple dance offering.

     As part or reaching out children in streets and in poor communities. It’s not only developing the wholeness of a child but also their communities as well. Last November 12, 2011, we are privileged to be part of the Community Development Seminar held at the Christ To The World Church in Makati. The seminar was conducted by Youth Mobilization with the help of the Community Development students Pen Bullo with her classmate who are also working in the field for years. There are lots of learning of how to deal with community people especially in areas where informal settlers are taking place. And it was great that we not only have teachings but also workshops where we can interact with other participants and learn also from their experiences.
     We give thanks to God for this wonderful experience of learning for upgrading our knowledge reaching out children and their communities as well.


Gabby while sharing the story of Zacchaeus
 in their morning devotion

Learners while having fun in their 
coin relay game at the pool

     After the Accreditation and Equivalency test that was held last month. We had seen how they really give their time, efforts and sacrifices for their goal of passing their examination. Now it’s their time to relax and have a day of recreation after months of lessons and reviews. Last November 18, 2011. The ALS learners post exam outdoor fellowship held at the Libis ng Nayon in Los Banos, Laguna. There we had time to learn God’s word through our morning devotion, had fun through activities like games and team building. Before we end our activity and continue their enjoyment in swimming, we form circle in the pool holding hands and had time of sharing their testimonies. Each of them had their testimonies to share and thanksgiving to people who help them pushing their goals and thanksgiving to our Lord who gives them the strength and new hope to continue their life with hope and dreams.
     By giving time to be with people who once lost their dreams is more like sharing your life as an example of how Christ love those who are lost. This is not yet the end point of their life, there are still more to come and more to achieve. And we believe that through Christ there is no such thing as “impossible”. We challenge people to pray for these learners as they wait for the result of their Accreditation and Equivalency exam this coming year 2012. And for everything we give praise to our Lord Jesus Christ.


Lord Jesus Bible Church Global Ministries
Ptr. Tony Bullo 
      Last November 27, a Feeding Orientation was held in LJBC Global Mission Church in General Trias, Cavite handled by Ptr. John, question and clarification was ask by the Leaders and they are excited to pursue the 6 months Feeding program early next year, suggestion and additional activity was bring out during the discussion and the Head Pastor ( Ptr. Tony Bullo ) will call a leadership meeting and they will discuss their next plan and action for the said program. after they agreed and formed the team who will directly work in the feeding program, selected the children and did the height and weight,  they will coordinate with IT Tender Feeding Coordinator to talk about the target date when they want to start the Feeding program and will push through the said activity. we are excited to see what God will do through this partnership in reaching -out the mal nourished children in their area. 


Open wide!! As the dentist doing
 his check up to the child.

A day of big smiles to children who are beneficiaries of Food For Life Program for poor malnourished children living in Napocor, Alabang. As a follow up program for those who undergone the Food For Life, last November 28 a dental check up and fluoride was done in the health center of Alabang. With the help of the staff and parents, bringing  and assisting children recording their height and weight for their second dental check up and fluoride by the Dentist. It is for them to have strong, healthy teeth and be educated of how to take care of it through keeping it clean and in regular check up. Parents are thankful having this follow up program that focus in their children’s health.
     Through this programs, God’s love are shared to those poor people who are special in the eyes of the Lord. And we continue praying for every children who became part of the Food For Life program in their health, their parents and their communities as well. We give all the glory to our Lord who are the main source of our strength and wisdom in this ministry.

and if you spend yourselves in behalf of the hungry and satisfy the needs of the oppressed, then your light will rise in the darkness, and your night will become like the noonday.  - Isaiah 58:10

IT TENDER MINISTRY  > Sponsor A Child Now !

 September, October, November, December  2011 Issue

We exist to help the street children to become  self reliant and find their values in Jesus Christ  and living lives of hope and             responsibility.

We support children and families in transforming their lives through holistic approach Bio, Psycho,  Social, and Spiritual.

Joyful Assembly

Team Work




ALL SMILES! Joshua (the boy in the green shirt) together
with his mother and younger siblings in their home.
 A former street kid.
An abandoned child.
A hardworking boy.
A loving brother.
           Joshua is a product of a broken family. Right after his father was put in jail because of theft, his mother left them for another man. This family crisis led him and his siblings to become scattered. Some of them were roaming the streets while others were under the custody (and mercy) of their relatives. But Joshua chose to work to earn money that would feed him and his two younger siblings.

Joshua in his school uniform at
Bayanan Elementary School.
God has a plan for this boy! Through Sponsor A Child Now Program, a street kid is now a student! Currently enrolled and attending a formal school in Alabang, Muntinlupa City. He had his temporary shelter at the IT Tender Drop In Center.
 The ministry has located his mother. Through a home visitation, it was assessed that she is able enough to keep Joshua again. After a series of interviews, meetings, and assessment, last October 6, 2011 he was reunited with his mother! What a day for a child to be home again with his family! Glory be to God!

I came that they may have life, and have it to the full.”     John 10:10b

A New Monitoring System !

This is How It Works! the worker is explaining
to the mothers about the new monitoring system.
 Monitoring the 26 beneficiaries about their school attendance and situation at home is not easy. A series of interventions is needed to keep track of their progress. These activities include  home visitations, school visitations, individual interviews and assemblies. A new system was implemented last September 6, 2011. This new tool led to a greater advancement which is making it more practical, comprehensive and credible. The parents were given an Attendance Sheet where the parents will coordinate with their child’s school adviser. The teachers will have to fill out the form and seal it with their signature. This also will mobilize them to build a partnership with the teachers to work hand-in-hand for their children’s education.

2nd Quarter SACN General Assembly!

SIT ON THE BALLOON! This mother just finished sitting on a
 balloon to get the pieces needed to complete the jigsaw puzzle.
Games were also part of the activity.

             The program aims to build a partnership with the beneficiaries and their families. Because the ministry believes that a family has the capability to improve their own lives. One of the regular activities held is the general assembly. The said event was held last September 3, 2011 at Sucat Elementary School.
             The event was filled with so many blessings! An Education student volunteered to share an informative  information about the country’s history, POCARI Sweat supported the drinks, TBN (a Christian Broadcasting Network) donated slippers, toys & school materials as prizes and souvenir items for the attendees, they were also given medicines & vitamins, and there was a brief celebration of the beneficiaries who were born in the month of September.
An open forum headed by the program director, Sis. Gela T. Basiwa, was also held at the last part of the program. At the end of the event, the beneficiaries and their families were with filled information, fun and of course gifts! To God be all the glory for this jam packed event!

I.T. Tender Christmas Party 2011 !

CHRISTMAS IN OUR HEARTS! The beneficiaries of the
program during the Christmas Party held last December 10, 2011
at Jollibee
 After 12 months of waiting for the kids... And 3 months of preparation by the staff…The Christmas Party has finally arrived! Which aims to share the love and joy of the birth of Jesus Christ to the beneficiaries and visitors. Over 100 people attended said event whichwas held at Jollibee, Festival Mall, Alabang.  Beneficiaries from the Food For Life Program, ALS Program, and Sponsor A Child Now program together with their families, the staff and their families, and other invited guests were gathered for one reason and that is to glorify the coming of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!
Through the inspirational message of Ptr. JunieAntivero, project director of Seed of Love Ministry, many hearts have been won                                                                       for our Lord Jesus Christ. Many attendees were blessed as he testified his story of being a former street kid and how God changed his life. 87 people including kids, youth and families surrendered their lives to God!
Most of the attendees rarely have the opportunity to eat at this kind of restaurant. It was a delight to see how they enjoyed the food and the desserts that were served. Some of them even asked for a bag so that they could take some of it home and share it with their siblings. What a moving showcase of selfless love for their family! God is so good! It was not only the beneficiaries who received gifts but also the parents. They were surprised to receive a basket of groceries each!
Glory be to God for the success of this event. Thank you for all those who supported this event ! May God bless you more!

Writer’s Little Corner

THANK YOU SPONSORS! The worker is holding a beautiful
dress which will be given to a beneficiary as a Christmas gift!
 The year 2011 played a huge turning point in my life. For a newcomer like me, it was not easy to handle a big project like the Sponsor A Child Now! It kept me thinking if I deserved such a privilege of serving God like this. But God is great! He supplied me with all the strength and wisdom that I needed. Yes, there had been failures but they even made me stronger!
Thank you for all the supporters of this ministry. Your support does not only help the beneficiaries but the community as well!
For the coming 2012, the program is now even bigger. This will include the Alternative Learning System Program and Basic Literacy Program. Please pray for our upcoming activities such as the Family Day this coming February, 10,the New Beneficiaries from our church partner LJBC- Tiaong,Quezon, the Fund Raising Event for Project Classroom inside IT Tender Center, the Case Conference this coming April, the Livelihood Program and the Kid’s & Youth Camp this coming October. We’re looking forward to your continuous support!

Merry Christmas & Have a Blessed 2012!
J.B. Magallanes To God Be All The Glory!

" Your support does not help the beneficiaries but the 
community as well! "

Thank you Everyone!
We want to say thank you to all our supporters and prayer partners. Without your love and support this ministry could not operate in the capacity it is right now. We are blessed that you have heeded God’s call to “spend yourselves in behalf of the hungry and satisfy the needs of the oppressed.”
You are a blessing to the ministry and you are helping making a difference in the lives of many here in the Philippines.

Thank you for your selfless generosity!

IT Tender Ministry

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