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Food For Life Coordinator Cecille de Jesus while 
giving the orientation at F.R.E.E. Christian Church

  As the Food For Life is near of completing it’s six month program, God opened up new doors for the ministry to extend it’s help to other churches in new areas. F.R.E.E Christian Church in Taguig City has shown interest from feeding program when we visited  their church through one of our intern worker. Just a simple conversation of glimpse of the I.T. Tender Ministry with her pastor leads into setting a ministry orientation meeting which was done last September 11, Sunday. The church is now preparing everything to start the Feeding program and reach out children and communities in their area.
              Another opportunity that God opened to I.T. Tender Ministry is to share program and services to the leaders, workers and Pastor of Malaban Christian Church in Binan, Laguna Last September 17, Saturday. There we had the privilege to share more of existing programs of the I.T. Tender Ministry. The orientation focused more of the feeding program which will be extended to their church. The feeding program will be done in an area that they are praying for.  We are blessed from how the church and its leaders welcomed us and express their gratitude for sharing the program to their church. And we are also thankful for servants like them who are willing to give their time and efforts to serve God through poor children in their area.
Ptr. John Basiwa; sharing the programs 
and services of the I.T. Tender Ministry

      I.T. Tender Ministry is giving back all the glory to God who is the real source of our strength and provider of every needs of the ministry. We continue our prayers to these churches from what the Lord has put in their hearts and willing to serve by the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.


Children reading at home

     From this month of September, we started to visit homes of children who regularly attends the Nightlife ministry. From there we had seen  a lot more by sharing time talking and building relationship. Through this we had a chance too see more of their daily routine at home and in time of their activities( scavenging). It was a very hot day when we visited their area and they invited us to go with them for a swimming at the bay where they always hang out to play and enjoy their day. It was the first time they invited us and share time with them in a place where they hang out.
     We continue home visitations and area mapping in Alabang area to continue reach children at risk and focus more on immersion  to communities and on the streets. It may not enough and we continue praying for God’s wisdom and strength for these children we are reaching out. To God be all the glory!


Learners and their mobile 
teacher in their class.

     From the month of September, as the number of learners was lessen because of some personal and financial reasons. Home visits to learners who are not attending sessions for almost weeks was taken into action. Through this home visits we had understand more of their situation in life and had a chance to talk to them, pray for them and bring back the desire in their hearts to finish the school year by the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. Even though from these situations, we are thankful to the Lord for learners who are enduring and giving their best to study and finish the school year. Focusing more on their essay, English lesson ang spelling quiz that gives higher equivalent of scores in the examinations. We had done other activities like games and film showing that relates to their weekly teachings for them to easily understand their lessons. Now they only have almost three weeks to prepare themselves for the upcoming Accreditation and Equivalency examination this coming October 23. dedication and great desire in their hearts to pass the exam was shown from how they disciplined themselves in their weekly lessons and reviews.
     Pray with us for these learners who once again put back hopes in their lives for a good future for them and for their family. And may this program be the tool for them to know Christ more in their hearts and continue bring change in their lives by help and grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.


      A day of appreciation and recognition, last Sept 24 a graduation is help for 40 children who’s been part of the 6 months feeding program in Kam Kam Community, this was one of our partner churches located in Binan Laguna. They held the program and gather the children at the side were the feeding activity was been conducted.
Children from the feeding program rendered 
a dance special number at their recognition

    Together with the parents and some volunteer worker, they used to put tent, chair, stage and simple decoration on it. The program started with greetings and prayer of thanksgiving facilitated by the coordinator of the program and her sister. They also have presentation with the children, evangelistic magic tricks by one guest participants, giving of gifts and certificate, a word of encouragement to the parents and thanks giving for those whose part of the program for 6 months.
   It is nice to see that there is a fruit of happiness, fulfillment, courage, and satisfaction that each and everyone felt and saw for the successful of the program in the community. Despite of many hindrances and trials that the facilitator, workers, parents and children encountered, they still have the faith that God is there to protect and guide them for everything that they do to this program.

       1. Fund for our 6 months feeding program, vitamins, hygiene kit for  Tiaong, Quezon P30,000  ( $ 714 USD )
2. Fund for Food For Life Feeding, hygiene kit and vitamins  P 25,000 ( $ 595 USD )
3. Fund for existing program  ALS  P 15,000 ( $ 357 USD,  Night Life  P 15,000
4. Allowance of  Workers ( July—Dec ) P 96,000 ( $ 2285 USD )
5. Two ( 2 ) Laptop Computer for report , documentation and monitoring  P 35,000 ( $ 853 USD )
6. Monthly Salary for Registered Social Worker P 15,000 ( $ 366 USD )
7. God’s wisdom for learners for their coming Accreditation and Equivalency Exam this October 23.




Food For Life participants showing 
their certificates with their parents.

                         Much waited day to the children of the Food for Life Feeding Program…
    Last October 21, 2011 a graduation was held for the 13 participants who finish the 6 months feeding program of IT Tender Ministry in Alabang. This is through recognizing their participation by giving of awards and certification to the children and their parents who’s been part of the program. In part of their thanks giving to the program and to God, the children gave short dance presentation entitled “God’s Forever Family” in which they are joyful to dance and give enjoyment to their parents and fellow children as well.
     From the six month program, not only gaining children’s nutritional needs but also how these families saw the Lord move in their lives as some of them attend worship services every Sunday morning with their children. 9 out of 13 children gained their normal weight from severe results of their first month. 3 of them was about to reach their normal weight and 1 who is still in severe malnutrition was referred in partnership with the Barangay Health Center for their nutritional status follow up.
     To be a blessing to others is a blessing to one itself. Our team is keeping on from what God has entrusted to us and everyone who believes in dreams of every child in the silence of poverty. Pray with us and be a partner in ministering to these children. And from everything we do is to give praise and be the name of our Lord Jesus Christ exalted in each heart and lives of children, their families and their communities as well. To God be all the glory!

Learners with gabby as they pose before their exam.

      It was called their “Second Phase”. After months of enduring all the hard works in learning, never ending essay practices and quizzes that always makes them say “..again?..”. Now they had seen the beauty of keeping on as every individual learner prepare themselves for the much awaited Accreditation & Equivalency exam. Sadly, almost half of registered learners for the examination seize in attending their weekly class for some financial and family reasons. But from these situation, hindrances are not allowed. Learners from the center and those who are not able to attend sessions continue their studies and reviews at home through borrowing ALS modules and reviewers and pass it to their mobile teacher whenever they had the chance to attend at sessions and through this they can maximize their time in learning. October 21, coordinators had the chance to gather all registered learners at one session to have a time to pray for everyone. Ptr. John Basiwa led in prayers and encouragement to the learners.
     October 23, Sunday morning. Learners gathered from different part of the city and from I.T. Tender Ministry joined once again in prayer to prepare their hearts for the examination. Most of them are nervous but it was great to see how they encourage each other and enjoy their time together while the exam is not yet beginning. It was not the end but the just the beginning as we wait for their exam results this coming March 2012. We continue praying for these learners in their future life and looking forward for each of them who will receive the price of good future in following and giving trust to our Lord Jesus Christ.


      1. Fund for our 6 months feeding program, vitamins, hygiene kit for  Tiaong, Quezon P30,000  ( $ 714 USD )
2. Fund for Food For Life Feeding, hygiene kit and vitamins  P 25,000 ( $ 595 USD )
3. Fund for existing program  ALS  P 15,000 ( $ 357 USD,  Night Life  P 15,000
4. Allowance of  Workers ( July—Dec ) P 96,000 ( $ 2285 USD )
5. Two ( 2 ) Laptop Computer for report , documentation and monitoring  P 35,000 ( $ 853 USD )
6. Monthly Salary for Registered Social Worker P 15,000 ( $ 366 USD )

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