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I.T. TENDER MINISTRY 3rd Quarter Newsletter of 2012

“My end is my Beginning”

Reaching Out Families in Nightlife Ministry
     “My end is my Beginning” by Henri Nouwen, this quote was very refreshing that our journey is filled with end and start. It is a time to begin a new era with the street children, a new beginning after our night life program was stopped for some reasons while the ministry focused on the success story of our other programs involving the children who came from the street. However, it comes to my mind that we need not stop developing and finding street children for us to give an opportunity to serve with them and develop them according to their God-given talent. The team of workers composes of 5 people helping this ministry as a start for the new breath of night life ministry. We are excited and are cherishing those memories in the past since the IT Tender Ministry started last 2000 up to the present. To continue doing the ministry and seeing results is one of the best achievements to start all over again. The time gives us reasons to do the task of God and follow what he wanted us to do and by this and by God’s grace we will glorify the Lord Almighty and our Lord will be truly satisfied to his children. It’s an honor to be a servant of God under the supervision of our team leader Ptr. John “Joel” Basiwa , it was indeed the product of passion that explored into the highest level of service to our God. The time starts counting by itself by producing and making influence of such wonderful feelings and emotions based on the given task to each and everyone of us. I am amazed how God put into our lives the fervor that he wanted to see to the ones he loved.

     Night life ministry is a journey of people where the IT Tender staff help the street children in a night session. Here we will help the children by providing services like feeding, medical, values formation, education and referrals base on their needs. We also value our relationship with the children by actively listening to their cries and experiences in the street, home, government and private officer, family and neighbor that the child experiences to be oppressed. I know in my heart that it is not easy to do the task but one reason I know for sure is that God wants me to do it in anyway.

     Please help us in sending your support and sympathy to the children in need. Your prayer must be the great weapon in helping the distresses child. Let us help them survive, develop and function well as legitimate parts of the Philippine Society. They are also human that simply need your love, time, resources and care. As people of God I feel in my heart that we should respond to them to ease the pain of their troubles, the pain of hunger, the pain of abuse, the pain of brokenness, the pain of emptiness, the pain of injustices and the pain of being far away from our God due to the crisis that they are facing right now! We will have a great impact to them if we will take action on this.   

By: Gela T. Basiwa

“ Taking A Greater Heights By God’s Grace”

     The HAKBANG-Sponsorship Program praises God for all the successes and struggles that happened for the 3rd Quarter of the School year 2012-2013. It was a privilege to experience how He made the developmental program touch and make an impact to the beneficiaries and to their families. The said program which is a series of activities not just aims to develop their emotional, psychological, and social aspect but most especially their Faith in our Lord Jesus Christ. The ministry humbly admits that they need God’s wisdom and long to follow His lead as they serve Him through the children. And so “A Life Long Learning” is the said developmental program’s theme for the School Year 2012-2013.
The Sponsorship program Beneficiaries 
and their Family at the Church

It was at this period where one of the major activities of the program was conducted. This is one of the praises for the said period. After months of preparation and earnest praying, the day has come for the first major activity of the developmental program of Sponsor A Child Now turned into reality.  The 2012 Lakbay Aral (SACN Educational Field Trip) was held last August 25, 2012. What made the event more momentous is that it was not just the children of IT Tender Ministry who benefited from this sensible event. In partnership with Batang Matinik and Pangarap Kids Ministry of Tiaong, Quezon and the Batang Krayola Ministry in Makati, there were 124 people who were given a chance to join.   Truly, God is awesome! There were three venues included in the said event: Rizal Shrine; Lucky Me! Plant; and the Enchanted Kingdom. Despite the gloomy weather, the children and even young at hearts were all smiles as they enjoyed the day. It ended with some of the participants’ testimonies. Some of them shared that it was the most wonderful day for them.
Partnership is a key word in order to make the interventions possible and to give help to the beneficiaries. The 2012 Dinner For A Cause was held last July 27, 2012 at Max’s Restaurant, Putatan, Muntinlupa which was well attended by over sixty (60) people coming from different organizations and churches. It was filled with so many activities that were both heart warming and soul touching. The climax of the program is the Challenge. It was delivered by the program director Sis. Gela Basiwa. As she poured her heart and her passion, she emphasized that the ministry cannot do it alone and that they need God and other people. It exist in order to develop the community through the hopes of sending thousands of poor children to school through equipping the families with developmental programs, livelihood and Christ’s values. Other partnership activities that were held was the Stopsley Baptist Church 2012 UK Mission Trip from July 19 to 24, 2012. As the group of young people came in order to fulfill their passionate desire and that is to help and to reach out to poor children coming from the community and streets.
God has always been as gracious as He continuously guides the team in ministering to His people. In every year, a new and improved system is being imposed in making the plans. For the upcoming School Year 2013-2014, the IT Tender Ministry is taking much higher heights as it desires to serve our Almighty with much excellence.  It was by His mighty grace that a door was opened for the team which could lead to fulfilling our desire and that is to develop communities. The staff was equipped with the knowledge and skills in order to make the desired improvements possible. Sis. Gela T. Basiwa, the SACN Program Director, led a training about planning last September 9, 2012. At first the participants found it hard to comprehend the intricate new system in planning but all gave their praises because this upgraded system means improvement for the ministry and better outcomes among the clients.         
The last part of the 3rd Quarter Period was concentrated on the planning for the School Year 2013-2014. Once again, this was a brain and heart storming period for the staff. For the HAKBANG Program, a series of activities were conducted in relation to the Plan 20/80. The workers had to meet with the community officers and also the youth beneficiaries as a part of the planning. One of the new perspectives that the training gave is to empower the community by giving them an opportunity to address their needs and guiding them in finding solutions of alleviating their current situation. If it is God’s will, a much more effective program for the beneficiaries will be achieved through meeting with the clients and by God’s grace. Scientific tools such as community problem analysis and problem tree analysis were used in order to help them state their present situation and give them an opportunity to give their ideas and suggestions in alleviating their problems and struggles. The beneficiaries who were invited to stand on behalf of their community were excited as they were given a chance to speak and to be listened to.         -  by: Jizza Magallanes

“Taking a Greater Step”

S.A.C.N. including A.L.S.
General Assembly
     The Alternative Learning System is tool were out of school youth are given help to pursue their dreams and aspirations to continue their studies. The government found a way to assist youth on how to help them based on their lifestyle and the needs. The ALS learning tool is also an evangelistic tool wherein the learners learn the word of God aside from academic knowledge. It has also an intervention with the learners every general assembly that the staff will help them to grow in the knowledge of God and helping them deal with the distance of life from the society to the family cycle.

     As of now we have 15 learners – a variety of working and non-working youth striving to finish their goal to achieve their dreams in taking up the A & E test or Accreditation and Equivalency test and this coming October 28 there will be an exam of A & E and part of this is our preparation with one on one tutorial type of teachings about the exam. We are aiming to do it on a whole day basis from 8 am to 5 pm to secure the review for the learners and it is our plan to do it a week before the final exam.  We are praying that our learners will pass the exam and see the result of their hardship and continue their vision and to be part of a good society.  By this the ministry is praying for the success and provision of wisdom that only God can provide. Help us in prayer to do it in an effective, reachable and enjoyable way even if it is difficult to attain.                                                                                                    
–by Gela Basiwa and Jonalyn Rivera

“Learn, Play and Grow”

      All the ministry programs started our thanksgiving to God through conducting the monthly General assembly which was usually done every first Sunday of the Month. That was held on September 2, 2012 in IT Tender Ministry, in which a separate session to the children and parents was done. All participants had been gathered and were taught not only in terms of family matter but also the enhancement of their spirituality through some biblical sharing and attending the Sunday Worship Service of Church. In this program we highlighted the significance and importance of the mother in the family, and this was explained by the speaker Sis Liza Aquino of City Bible Church Alabang.

Students of Day Care Center
            A continuation of the daily activities to the children were applied through having a lot of ideas in doing the lecture to them. Fun and enjoyment in learning by means of  application of different techniques which can make the lesson easily adopted by the children. These are accomplished not only through using visual aids that they can see and used as a sample guide to them, but by means of  playing, actualization teaching, and letting them do the activity on their own. This will help them not only in gaining their self confidence but also imposing the greatness and love of God through teaching them His words. To see the result of every implementation of the activity to the children, are their improvement in understanding the letters and sounds through having the weekly quiz to them that by these shown if there are learning or not.  
    Surely say that many of them were upgrading in academic aspect. It was also nice to see that all of them were been able to pray and they are willingly raising their hands to pray. This result was considered  a big blessing that in a simple way of teaching make recognize and highlight the most is God. Additional on this was the participation of one foreign missionary who will be an assistant teacher of the program.
      Experiencing difficulty is natural in every program that the ministry has especially in part of teaching the children. That in this you will see their difference in character and behavioral traits of them. Making sample of this was their laziness and an obedience of them.  But this was natural to the children at a young age. It is not only a problem in part of the children that been experienced, another thing was the irregularity of some assistant teachers that are involved to the program that sometimes give difficulty to the teacher to handle the students specially doing the one on one teaching to them.
         For all of these circumstances to be experience, there still brighter ideas that came out and apply to the children for them to cope up and focused into the topic lesson that been discussed. Which an application of energizer games that will make them alert and have energy to do the activity, actualization of doing the answering part of the lesson.   by: Cecille De Jesus

“The Molding of the Staff”

Staff Training in Project
Cycle Management
Plan 20/80 is one of the highlights for the workers training this year wherein the staff by faith will make a planning by using “Project Cycle Management”. In this we will see now how important our tasking needed in the ministry and how can we make an impact in the lives of the needy. We are starting to do it now in September and map all the possibilities on how we can be more effective in handling situations in case analysis concerning behavioral approaches. We came up with the following prayers for us. Please pray for us as we journey through the mission in which Jesus Christ our Lord sustains our needs based on his will. Below are our prayer items:

· Staff support for 5 full time staff. It takes only $ 500 usd a month to sustain the personal needs of all the workers.

· Staff planning provision of a place and accommodation this coming December 2012. It takes only $ 1,500 usd to cover all expenditure to plan, talk and evaluation for each ministries in the past and put another faith in the coming years.

· A prayer for staff love gifts this coming season of Christmas, it takes only $625 usd to give love and send gifts to our love ones and spend it with our family.

· Please pray for computers or laptops to use in documentation - at least 2 pcs. It takes only $1000 usd to produce new computers for the five full time staff.

ADVOCACY: Jizza Magallanes
 lead the presentation of the Camp
Plan 20/80: One of the staff presented
 his plan for school year 2013-2014

EMPOWERMENT: In behalf of the community
the Officers take part of the meeting

Staff Reality - Life Situation in Crisis:

     Since September 2011 the staff was not receiving any regular support until the present time, it was amazing that the workers still commit themselves to do the task that God given to them, but in reality I saw how hard to each and everyone of us who live a life and survive the challenge of everyday expenses from riding a jeep into a tricycle, from buying the food into eating it, from sending our kids to school into bringing them back at home. It’s hard to think about but its real, we are all in times of survival, meaning we are not in a normal level of standard in coping with life. We are lacking many necessary things but we continue by God’s grace, and we are so happy serving our lord and experiencing a feeling of excitement everyday when we get up and when we lie down.

     In the time that we don’t know how to produce resources God is there for us to help us and at the time that we don’t know how to survive God rescues us. Help us in prayer and make the best you can do to continue our hardship by the grace of God.

     May the Lord bless us as we work in his field and reap what we sow. Even though trials had been experienced by the workers we still believe in His right time we will prosper in His ways not our ways, because in Psalm 1:3, He is like a tree planted by streams of water, which yields its fruit in season and whose leaf does not wither. Whatever He does prospers.

Staff Praise and Thanksgiving:
  We are so thankful that God made a way when we don’t know what to do on handling the ministry without resources. Below is our praises to our Lord Jesus Christ;
· We have am additional full time staff work in our planning 20/80 for Smart kids through the life of John Coffey.
· We have an additional volunteer who came from ALS learning who passed the exam.
· The previous rugby boy who lives in the street in the lives of Manny wanted to extend his help in helping the street ministry.
· The plan of 2011 is about to end but the program and services was visible and experienced by our beneficiaries and they are still making impacts to the community.
· Gela is close approaching to finish this semester and complying with all the projects and demands of school.
· We are still praising God for our physical health that God sustains and provides for. In all these things we bring back all the glory and honor to our God almighty.

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