Sunday, February 3, 2013


Coming Back to the Heart

No matter how high the success one could reach, he will always come back to where it started. The heart. We never know that a simple 20pesos or $ 0.49 usd could go a distance.  Ptr. John Basiwa, Team Leader of IT Tender once shared this remark. From a simple feeding of bread to a group of rugby boys
along Starmall, Alabang 12 years ago. The ministry expanded its programs and has now served thousands of children and hundreds of families. This shows how powerful God is and how he can make small beginnings impact people. And now, the ministry team is about to take its steps little by little in order to reach out to the so-called “eye sore of the society”. May these tiny steps through rapport building and immersion will be a start of  helping the street children living their lives with hope and responsibility in Jesus Christ. This is the IT Tender’s vision and by His grace it will be possible.
This coming November 15, 2012 the Night Life Program will start. It is a street-based ministry where the workers will be on the streets from 10 o’clock in the evening until 1 o’clock in the morning. The team fervently pray that God may be more glorified in this program.
- By:  Jizza B. Magallanes

Becoming an Agent of Transformation

It is the first time for the ministry to conduct a more comprehensive preparation for the upcoming Acceleration and Equivalency Test. We call this our step of faith as we hope for a brighter future of ourout of school youth and young adults. It is more possible for them to achieve the goal by equipping them with the said intentional review project which was held from October 22 to 26, 2012. Though it was not easy because the learners and facilitators have to spend their entire focus and energy reviewing their lessons from the passed 5 months. We praise God for sending people to volunteer as teachers and reviewers. The learners felt that they are really supported and are inspired more to strive harder.Please join us through your support and prayers that these learners will not only pass the said Acceleration and Equivalency Test but be transformed into a better person by His grace. TO GOD BE ALL THE GLORY! - By:  Jizza B. Magallanes 

Leading For A New Hope!

In the long run of the program, you can see some changes not only in part of the children but also in part of the people involved to the program that gives joy and happiness. This is shown not only in seeing the performance in academic aspects of the students but also  in the way of living of each family as well. Knowing  the  difficulties in their way of living to the depressed community areas and under the bridge, this can hinder them to strive and have hope to achieve a better live and future for their family, especially for their children. They are dreaming of having a decent home to live in that will lead them in helping raised their children in a right way. But for them this dream was hard to achieve due of a lot of matters to consider. In their minds there’s a question that is hard to answer, but these was ended when an opportunity comes to the lives of two families living under the bridge. It is very dangerous in this place with no proper area
for children to play or to have some quiet time to concentrate and focus on their studies. These struggles remained in their hearts and in their minds for a long period of time. It not only affected their way of living but most affected on this was their children in terms of adopting the influential nature of the surroundings. An answered prayer was for them to be considered in the opportunities and privileges to be part of the government program that sees their worse situation. This led them to hope for their dreams.
Truly the  month of October makes a mark to the lives of the families living under the bridge. It  gives another hope to achieve their dreams and turn them into reality. Mixed emotion and happy faces were shown as they shared their testimonies. They expressed excitement and the overflowing joy in every sharing that they did. In all of these happenings they never forget to thank God which was always mentioned by them.  As of now they are happily living in the place that they can call “Home”. Now they can be assured of the safety of their family and focus on teaching and guiding their children in their studies. All the Glory and praises are given to the highest God for such a wonderful experience, moment and blessing that has been given to the family. By:  Cecille de Jesus

Caring, Healing, PRAISING!

The ministry praises God for graciously guiding the program and the people in it! Less physical activities but more on brain storming! The month of October is basically focused on Plan 20/80 and the 2nd Grading Periodical Examination of the children. Truly the more blessings that come in our way, the bigger the responsibility there is. In IT Tender Ministry we see new knowledge and insights as gold. As we advocate the rights of the children for education, we too study and fervently seek new and improved ways and systems in developing the program for the better. For the coming year 2013, we will be using the CARING, TEACHING, and HEALING system as we minister to the children. This helps a lot in planning to conduct much better interventions and activities that could answer the needs of a child holistically.
As we went along with the planning, it was a joy to learn more and to be more excited in administering blessings to God’s children. Again praises for our God! We are so happy to serve the Lord when we know that He keeps on equipping us with the passion burning in every depth of our souls and also with the appropriate Social Work skills and techniques. God is indeed the source of everything. The HAKBANG ( Footsteps) - Sponsorship Program is an outpouring and overwhelming joy of our relationship and love with the Almighty. It is Him alone who called us to send children to school and to help their families alleviate their socio-economic situation. Furthermore, despite so many obstacles that we met like the grueling moments of conducting researches, making the Gantt chart and accounting the budget proposal and also the unexpected events that sometimes caused us to work overtime, we are sure of this….that our Lord Jesus Christ is with us in every step of the way as He continuously fanning the fire in our hearts with His love and mercy. By:  Jizza B. Magallanes

Staff Praise and Thanksgiving !!!
TO GOD BE ALL THE GLORY! For the provisions He sent as we minister for this month of October :
· We have a stronger partnership with the Social Development Center-Muntinlupa for the Night Life Program.
· We praise God for the success of the ALS 5-Day Intentional Review Project in preparation for the upcoming Acceleration and Equivalency Exam.
· The Plan 20/80 for each of the ministries is finish and will now to undergo revisions and improvements.
· We simply praise our God for guiding us and providing is with our needs as we answer to His calling.

“ Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace  to help in time of need.” —Hebrews 4:16 KJV

Below are our prayer items:

· Please include in your prayers that the ALS Learners may be able to pass the Acceleration and Equivalency Test this coming November 25, 2012.
· Please pray for the protection and wisdom of the 6 workers who are in the Night Life Program as they are about to conduct the ministry every Friday starting this November 15th, 2012.
· As of the moment, the ministry is making a book entitled “12 YEARS OF JOURNEY” of IT Tender. Kindly include in your prayers that God may provide us the wisdom and the heart..
· Please pray also for the preparation of the two workers who are about to enroll this coming semester in Social Work.
· Staff support for 5 full time staff for only about $ 500 usd a month to sustain their personal needs.
· Praying also for the provisions of upcoming 2 Christmas Parties where we are about to celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ with 100 children.
· Please pray for the provision of the venue for the upcoming 2012 Annual Evaluation and 2013 Planning this coming December 2012. It takes only $ 1,500 usd to cover all expenditure like accommodation.
· May you also include in your prayers the love gifts for the staff this coming season of Christmas for only about $625 usd.
· May our God continue to graciously provide our physical needs and keep us safe and in good health.

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