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The 46 Beneficiaries of SACN Christmas Party with Jollibee.

What a day it was to celebrate!  The IT Tender Ministry glorifies our Lord for making the two IT Tender Christmas Parties successful! The first one was the Sponsor A Child Now Christmas Party held on the December 2nd which not only blessed the fifty (50) beneficiaries of the said educational program but also the visitors, staff and volunteers. It was held last Sunday, December 2, 2012 at the Jollibee, Festival Mall, Alabang, Muntinlupa City. The event was well attended by 100 people both children and children at heart.  While the second one was the Night Life Christmas Party held last December 14, 2012 at IT Tender Drop In Center, Alabang. The smiles and laughter that were shown by the beneficiaries are already a gift for those who took in the said party.  Despite the fact that the date of the event was so early, there was an outpouring of blessings in order to make it possible to happen. The children and out-of-school youth were blessed because of the love and support that they felt through the fun entertainment, delicious meals and bountiful gifts which included school supplies and groceries.
The celebrations were filled with joyous Christmas songs, lively dance numbers, exciting games and a magic show provided by the Extreme Response mission team. One of the highlights of the event was the recognition of a 12-year old girl named Gelyn who responded to the challenge of sponsoring a child to be sent to school. She said that she was moved by the goodness of her parents and so she wanted to share the good life that she has. At such a young age, she is now helping a young girl by sending her to formal school. And also the preaching of Canadian missionary speaking Filipino fluently. He taught about the story of Jesus’ birth to the street children. Other praises include that there are 66 children, youth and young adults who responded to the challenge of accepting our Lord as their Savior.  Please pray for them and the follow-up program that will be given to them in order to nurture their desire to live a full life as a Christian.

The ministry expresses its sincere gratitude to all the organizations and individuals both foreign and local who supported this project. Truly in giving we receive so much more….and that is the advent of hope, joy, peace and love coming from the truth of the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ.

The children of HAKBANG (Footsteps) 
Sponsorship Program are enjoying
their party meal.

The Youth of PAGBABAGO (Transformation) 
Alternative Learning System of IT Tender Ministry.

These girls are giggling and having fun during their 
games conducted by the Jollibee Game Master.

This little boy gave his big smile as he received his gifts
 together with his classmates in SIMULA (Beginning) 
Learning Center Program.

This girl is excited to find out 
what’s inside her gift bag.

A special SKIT presentation about the Advent of 
Christmas lead by the ALS Learners, sponsored 
children and day care pupils.

The NIGHT LIFE Christmas Party held last December 14, 2012

These boys are loving the gifts they received.

These street children responded to the challenge
of receiving Jesus as their Christ and Savior.

The children were attentive in listening to the 
foreign speaker who speaks fluent Filipino.


Regine”, 8 years old, Sponsored Child
 “ I learned more about Jesus because of the Christmas party. Ity was also my long time wish to see Jollibee in person. My dreams came true. And my family is very thankful of the groceries.”

Denver”, 6 years old, Sponsored Child
“  The party was very enjoying and I thank Jesus for all the gifts that I receive. My parents are surprised and happy with the gifts. The soy sauce was so big!” 

Jace”, 10 years old, Sponsored Child       
“ I thank God because I became a sponsored child. And also I was thank you for the Christmas party. It was so enjoying and the groceries can help my family a lot.”

”, Zyrah4 years old, Daycare pupil“I was so happy during the Christmas party. The food, the dance, and the gifts. My parents wanted to say thank you for the gift (groceries).

John Ray”, 5 years old, Daycare pupil “First of all, I enjoyed being part of the presentation. Thank you for the gifts and food. The day was so happy for me.”

Gerard”, 19 years old, ALS Learner       
“ The teaching of Ptr. Dino taught me more about our Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you also for the gifts and groceries.”

Jenelou”, 19 years old, ALS Learner       
“Thank you for the experience. The special presentation was very nervous. But I came to know more about our Lord Jesus Christ. And thank you for all the gifts.” 

Rizza”, 16 years old, ALS Learner         -         “I was so blessed seeing that other children were given gifts. And also I enjoyed the party. I learned more about God because of the preaching.”

Reinalyn”, 13 years old, Night Life Client“Thank you for inviting me. The party was so fun. I am so happy. There were so many lessons about Jesus and Christmas day that I learned. Thank you for the gifts and for feeding us.”

Blu”, 6 years old, Night Life Client       
“I like the toys and gift that I receive. Thank you for listing me as a part of this Christmas party. Thank you Jesus. Thank you for the food.”

Prepared by:  Jizza B. Magallanes, Intern Social Worker (12/15/12)

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