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“So that you may be able to discern what is best and
may be pure and blameless until the day of Christ” - Philippians 1:10

Finding Comfort In the Midst of the Street. This family are living under the 
bridge Ala-bang viaduct. These children are sleeping on a ragged foam 
and cartons while their parents are out to do scavenging as a form of living.

Time keeps passing, but one thing I realized is that our time is real and it has a lot of demands. However, in God it perseveres and gives what was lacking to man. We are so lucky that we have a family and furthermore a home that we can lie down in and with which we can do many things for ourselves. On the contrary, we know that we have street children in our land and they need help, but most of the time we ignore them, thinking that someone else will help them.The night life outside gives us a reason to minister to the families living in the street and to the children playing and begging outdoors. We are not capable of doing those things alone, but we are trying our best to do more by God’s grace and to make a difference in the lives of the people in need. The team was formed to help the people in the street ages 6-12 years old. We seek to give them a good intervention and give them the love and joy that God gave to our team. 

The children at the center for film showing 
and intake interview

The wonderful thing that happened was that we had 24 children in different communities of Muntinlupa and we had the chance to interview them and take an intake as part of our data gathering. We also had a chance to show them the movie “Missing”, and this is a fitting story about the street children and God.The meal was really so good and healthy and brings us the opportunity to mingle and to share time and blessings of food. We witnessed how happy the children were. They truly delighted in the food and they allowed us to share the love of God in their lives and give hope for His glory.  By:  Gila T. Basiwa, Intern Social Worker

The Children of Hope

This group won the poster making contest with a
 message of hope for a brighter future
 despite their present situation.

The above title is derived from the group who won the poster making contest during the 2012 Sponsor A Child Now Children’s Camp held last November 9 & 10, 2012. This event is held in order to help the beneficiaries of Hakbang (Footsteps) Sponsorship Program and Pagbabago (Transformation) Alternative Learning System acquire positive outlook in life in knowing that there is a brighter future with God.

 The perseverance that these beneficiaries that are giving in their studies is the impact of the love and support that were given to them. We praise God because through these educational programs, these children who are once felt hopeless now are facing their future with so much excitement. That through the said programs, the children were enabled to study harder and look beyond the ailing poverty that surrounds them. The month of November was filled with mixed emotions since the Acceleration and equivalency exam was finally held. There 15 learners coming from the ministry who took the said examination last November 25, 2012. Waking up as early as 3 o’clock in the morning for

The ALS Learners who took the A & E
 examination last November 25, 2012.

the staff is easy just to show the support to them. May our Almighty bless the dreams of these former out of school youth that they may be able to pass and to finally received the much anticipated diploma in high school.   By:  Jizza B. Magallanes

Responding With Hope

John Coffey and his parents 
rendered a story telling to the pupils.

It was a joy to see major improvements among the pupils of SIMULA (Beginning) Daycare Center. They are now leading in prayers before starting their formal classes or eating their snacks. How great it was to see them racing to lead the prayer. Most of them are also starting to work alone without depending on their
teachers. Though, they still have to improve on their English because their teacher have to speak in Filipino in order to teach the subject what matter was that they are not as mischievous as before. As their very first teachers we are hopeful that God may guide us in helping them achieve their dreams in life. That through our small efforts of helping them write and read and teaching them with Godly values we are cultivating future God-fearing servants of God. That from a simple desire of reaching out to these children a bright future will be awaiting for them.By: Lorna Carro & Jizza B. Magallanes

Praise for the month of November !!!!
· For the success of the 2012 Children’s Camp where the beneficiaries felt the awesome love of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
· For the mission trip of the Linda and Wesley Coffey who rendered their volunteerism and support the programs and communities of IT Tender.
· For the outpouring support for the upcoming Christmas Party this coming December 2, 2012.
· Ultimately to our God who graciously provides us with the wisdom and needs as we are taking this journey of mission.

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