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During the month of August IT Tender Ministry had British missionaries Johanna Browning & Joe Brook visiting from England.  It was a privilege working with them and they were a great encouragement to the staff and clients who are part of our different programs. This is their experience in their own words….

What is Mission?
Johanna Browning & Joe Brook

Over the past four weeks, God has given us the privilege of serving with all of IT Tender’s ministries; Daycare, Alternative Learning System, Food For Life, Sponsor A Child and Night Life. We have had the opportunity to serve the Night Life (street kids) ministry greatest, really learning what mission is about.

Our backgrounds in evangelizing at University had placed great emphasis on meeting the spiritual needs of those around us, but here we have learnt that a much more holistic approach is needed. The physical and emotional health of the children needs to be met before sharing Jesus. This is not to say that sharing Jesus with them is not the priority, this is always at the forefront of our minds, but rather an unloved child without food for the day has Jesus at the bottom of his priorities. We have loved loving them holistically!

Cooking lugaw (porridge) for the feeding programs, and giving medicine to the children at the rubbish dump in Putatan and here in Alabang has shown the kids we love them! One Friday during the Night Life program at the IT Tender center, a boy came in with a deep wound in his ankle, others wolfed down two or three servings of food; they know that IT Tender is here to love them.

By giving a hug, acting as a human climbing frame, holding hands, affirming children of who they are in God’s eyes with our limited Tagalog, a smile is put on their face and they feel loved, special and important. By saying a prayer over dinner, reading a Bible story, telling them that we’re Christians, relationships grounded in Christ are built.

The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. The work and mission done here is done through faith and hope that the Lord will provide that which He has called you to do.

Jo & Joe in action at our Night Life programs
Above: At the IT Tender drop in center
Below: In Putatan

ALS Update
Gabi Malquisto

For the month of August 2013, we are blessed and thankful to our Lord Jesus Christ that we have 15 registered learners from Alternative Learning System who are now getting ready for the upcoming Accreditation and Equivalency exam on October 2013.  These learners are doing their best and giving all their efforts in reviews, essay writing and more for the academic subjects. We continue praying for their studies that may God continue sharing wisdom to these out of school youth. To God be all the Glory.

Also this month, as part of their developmental activities,the learnershad an art contest where they had to make a poster portraying their understanding about “The Education in the Philippines”.  They gave their best in their art skills and each explained their views from the posters they had made.  The winner was Rechelle Lizardo, a 15-year old girl who stopped her studies because of family and financial problems and chose to continue her education through the ALS program and is willing to give her best to achieve her dreams and help her family.

May our Lord Jesus Christ bless hard the working learners. We are thankful that through the ALS Program more out of school youth have been reached out to and can live out their hopes and dreams for a good future by God’s grace.

·         For God's blessing of protection, as the staff and the beneficiaries from our ministry areas survived Typhoon "Maring". We thank God that no one was severely affected by the typhoon
·         For the lives of Johanna Browning and Joe Brook who choose to share their lives in the ministry for the month of August
·         For the three new donors of the HAKBANG (Footsteps) Sponsor A Child Now Program
·         For the ministry visit of Russ Cline and Ptr. Ellis Pitman of Extreme Response International
·         To our Lord who graciously gives us wisdom as we minister to the street children and for all His wonderful blessings

·         For more donors for our Sponsor A Child Now Program. Join us in dreaming for a brighter future for our children.
·         May you include in your prayers also the Night Life Program; we are in need of PHP 2,500 or $60 USD a month to support its needs and monthly hygiene materials like soap, shampoo, toothbrushes etc. for the street children.
·         The upcoming program SMART KIDS; we are aiming to help children aged 1 to 3 years old and their families. We believe that sharing God's love to children as young as them will enable them to have a stronger foundation in life.
·         For regular monthly donors who will financially support IT Tender Ministry helping with our operational costs
That God will continue to guide us always in our ministry, to bless us with the blessing of protection & good health 

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