Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Play Hard. Sleep Hard. Toddlers do it well.
By John Coffey

Nobody understands the seriousness of play like a toddler. I'm excited to have finally launched our new Early Childhood Education Center for children ages 1-3.

Entitled "SMART Kids", this is the latest addition to our educational programs for street kids. "SMART" is a Tagalog acronym that describes how our students actively learn and grow. Parents are also an active part of each class as we seek to simultaneously train and empower them.

In the orientation for the parents last Monday, I explained how my intention is not to take any responsibility away from them as caregivers. During the program, the parents themselves feed their children, assist them in potty training, and engage them in educational learning and play.

Along the way we guide and train these young parents to help them develop greater confidence in their role as the primary caregiver.

A Glimmer of Hope
Jizza Magallanes

A lot of people believe that sponsorship is simply about sending a child to school, but in reality, helping a child is like lighting a single candle in the middle of a dark room.  Education is so important for a Filipino family - it gives them hope that a bright future is more possible.

The HAKBANG (FOOTSTEPS) Sponsor A Child Now Program of IT Tender was born form the outcry of the parents as they struggled to send their children to school. Now in its third year, there are so many stories of transformation from the lives of the beneficiaries and their families.. Together, we partner and endure all the obstacles and share their victories; whether their children get sick causing them to be absent in school or their children receive an outstanding honour from their class.

 One of the community children in our ministry area of Sucat
Currently the program is exploring the possibility of a livelihood project for the parents which will aim to help them become more self reliant and eventually, open more doors leading them to wider opportunities for them to earn more, reach their dreams for their children and allow them to recognize that by Gods grace they themselves can stand up from the poverty they are now in.

  •   For the lives of John Coffey and Gabriel Malquisto who celebrated their birthday this month
  • F or the two new donors of HAKBANG Sponsor A Child Now program
  • For our new volunteer Miranda who is sharing her gifts and her life with the street children every Friday
  •  For the successful opening of our SMART Kids program
  • We praise God for His graciousness and faithfulness to us and for keeping us strong and joyful as we serve Him.

  •     For the preparation of the Food For Life Program as we hope to formally being in Putatan in October and for our partner church Jesus Our Hope in Sucat, also hoping to commence their program this October
  • ·    For travelling mercy and a successful ministry exposure this month for the team from  Stopsley Baptist Church, England
  • ·   For wisdom as we will have our 2014-2015 Annual Planning this coming October 28 to 30, 2013.
  • · For regular monthly donors who will financially support IT Tender Ministry; helping with our operational cost. We are praying to be able to continue paying the rent and other utilities for our drop in center
  • ·  That our God may continue to provide us with our needs both ministry and personal, to guide us with His immeasurable wisdom, and to keep our fire burning as we share our lives and talents in helping the street children and children from poor communities.

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