Monday, March 3, 2014

March Newsletter

Staff News at IT Tender
By John Coffey and Cecille De Jesus

It's hard to imagine running our programs without the support and encouragement of Jamielyn (aka "Jam"). For months she was been assisting at our preschool and Night Life programs. However, we are excited to share that since the end of February, she has started working full-time at IT Tender. The entire team is extremely thankful for her passions and gifts in teaching children, her creativity in the arts (especially with singing and dancing), and her skills with administration.

Jam is currently Cecille's assistant teacher in our preschool, she serves in our Food for Life nutrition program twice a week, she helps with our Night Life program, and she also assists with administration in the office.

“Serving and worshipping alongside my fiancĂ© is an opportunity for the two of us to grow, mature, and understand each other better. Please pray for Jam as she adjusts to her new schedule at IT Tender.”
John Coffey, IT Tender Director

In other news, please pray for our full-time missionary and SLC Daycare teacher Cecille. She is one team member who inspires us all, and here is a personal update:

God Never Fails: As I continue the journey of my life, I continue to face circumstances that do not make it easy. There are times in everyone’s life that they will get tired, become weak physically, emotionally and spiritually, and for me this happened when I was first diagnosed in November 2013 with a large (12cm) ovarian cyst. I thought the process leading up to surgery would be easy, but in reality it has been emotionally and physically draining.

A lot of things need to be prepared: a 6 month course of pre-op antibiotics, multiple medical examinations and scans, and of course time and money is needed going to and from the hospital. The most difficult part for me has been the need to adjust how much I actively participate in the things I am passionate about: my studies to become a qualified teacher, my family and of course the SLC Daycare ministry where I teach. But through all of these hard times, God has shown me how to trust and hold on to His promise; that He will never fail me. I continue to praise Him for the continued strength He has give me to stand firm and continue this journey together with Him.

Things we are thankful for:

  ·      Short term volunteer Louise Carver has been volunteering with various IT Tender ministries since January but she has now arrived safely back in the UK. The team will miss her passion and dedication and the children will miss her love and caring nature

  ·      Following on from an evangelistic outreach camp last November and on-going ministry, the youth from our Night Life program have requested a bible study! This started a few weeks ago and a further update will be included in next months newsletter

  ·      New full time volunteer Jamielyn – her hard work and love for the children is already having a huge impact on our ministries

  ·      The visit of our Filipino partners Action International and their American visitors Mick and Tracey Burr. We had a great day showing them our feeding program which is sponsored by Action International

Things we would love you to pray for:
            ·      The on-going health of Cecille De Jesus; that her pre-op meds would be successful and that
               she would receive all the funds needed for her required surgery later this year

            ·      IT Tender is working in partnership with the local barangay (council) to host a ‘Nutrition and
               Hygiene’ seminar this month for parents of 50 of our clients – please pray for good
               attendance, open minds and improvements in families and communities

           ·      Wisdom as the IT Tender team conducts a mid-year evaluation and planning for our ongoing

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