Monday, June 2, 2014

June Newsletter

Exploring the Mind Museum
By Karin Jose

On Saturday 24th May, IT Tender was blessed to be able to take 27 children, both boys and girls aged between 8 and 12 years old from our Sponsor A Child Now and Food For Life programs to The Mind Museum thanks to the generosity of Children’s Hour, Extreme Response Manila Children’s Home and some donors who provided a wonderful lunch and transportation.

We arrived early at The Mind Museum allowing the children time to play in the ‘Science in the Park’ area.  Their favourite activities were the unbalanced seesaw, green slide and the giant bubble making equipment.

After our welcome that was hosted by Aedi, the cute girly robot, we moved onto the ‘science lab’ where several museum staff conducted science experiments using volunteers from the audience. After the demonstrations it was time for the children to be set loose inside the museum and oh how they loved it! The children were so excited and wanted to see everything at once. They especially enjoyed seeing the giant dinosaur skeleton and watching the video about space.

After our time in the museum we all enjoyed a delicious Jollibee lunch before heading to the park to enjoy an hour of playing together before heading home.

Throughout the day it was wonderful to see the children interacting and enjoying science and education and having the opportunity to play. IT Tender would like to thank Children’s Hour for this amazing opportunity to allow the children to have this once in a life time experience.

Back-to-School Time for Our Sponsor Children
By John Coffey

In June, our sponsor children are going back to elementary and secondary school. We are excited to give out their new school supplies and uniforms later this month. This always gives them some extra motivation and enthusiasm to work hard in the new school year. We want to thank everyone who is sponsoring a child to attend school. In reality, many of these children would not be able to go to school without your support. These children are selected from families whose incomes fall short of the daily transportation and lunch expenses needed to send a child to school.

If you would like to consider sponsoring a child to go to school, it costs just $20/month (or $240 annually). This covers their daily transportation to and from school, their daily lunch, and their school supplies and uniform. This support also provides for the child and their family to join our annual family camp, field trip, and Christmas party events. Thus the whole family and community benefits from your sponsorship of just one child. Please contact John Coffey at for more information, and/or set up your sponsorship online now at:

Thank you for helping send these children to school! 

    Things we are thankful for:
·       A memorable Family Day event for the street children and their families on May 1st; over 200 children and parents joined the event at a local swimming resort; *see pictures from the event at Karin and John’s blogs:
·       A successful two-day introductory session for the future clients of SMART Kids; we have nine children and their mothers who will be enrolled in the program starting in June
·       A fun trip to the Mind Museum and the blessing this was for all the children who attended
·      We are six months (half way) through the feeding program and we now have improved venue facilities and more volunteers and the children are still enthusiastically attending the sessions
·      A few donors have generously offered to support Gabby’s first two semesters of college; so the first year of his four-year bachelor degree in secondary education is now covered!

    Things we would love you to pray for:
·        IT Tender has many short-term volunteers coming this summer, the first arriving on June 10. Please pray for safe travel, willing hearts and that the time we have with our visitors is a blessing for everyone involved
·        Jizza is now reviewing for her board exam which will enable her to become a licensed Social Worker, please pray for wisdom as she prepares for this exam
·        More sponsors for our Sponsor-A-Child program which sends children from poor families to school; contact John Coffey at for more information, and/or set up your sponsorship online now at:

Thank you for your prayers and support! Without it, none of our programs would be possible. We are truly grateful for your support.

Contact IT Tender: (John Coffey, Director)

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