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May Newsletter

A Step Of Faith
By Gabriel Malquisto

My name is Gabby Malquisto, and I am a full-time missionary at IT Tender Ministry. Since 2010 my focus has been to handle the Alternative Learning System (ALS) program, where we partner with the Department of Education to offer out-of-school youth and adults the opportunity to complete their high school level education.

For many years we have seen the Lord give hope to out-of-school youth through ALS, and we have shared many stories with you of change, success and hope.
Now it is time for me to challenge myself to move forward.  I have been inspired by our youth to never stop learning, and so this coming June 2014, I will be going back to school to study to become a high school teacher. This step of faith is where the Lord is leading me; to empower and educate more children and youth through our programs, as well as empowering myself. Higher education will make me more effective in the ministry that the Lord has entrusted to me.

This step will require more sacrifices and hard work, but I know that this is God’s plan for me.  I offer myself to our God to serve Him better and serve the people He has entrusted to the ministry.

A note from John Coffey, IT Tender Director:
As our partners and friends, I want to challenge you to join us in supporting Gabby’s journey of faith to go to university. Gabby needs prayer and financial support to fulfill this dream. We need to raise $500 per semester to cover his tuition and school expenses. An additional $200 per semester would cover his transportation for the long commute each day. Donations of any amount will greatly impact Gabby’s education.

The returns on this investment to our community are invaluable. Empowering one of our own workers to become a licensed high school teacher at IT Tender will inspire our youth and enhance our high school equivalency program. To prove his dedication, Gabby has already saved his own personal funds to cover his enrolment fees and the entrance exam fee. He passed the exam and will begin classes this June. By faith, he is doing all he can to pursue this dream. Now it’s time for us to rally around him and do what we can to empower him to succeed.

Please contact me at for information on how you can donate towards Gabby’s university education. Or donate directly online through our secure giving site:

Ang Pagtatapos
(“The Graduation”)
By Cecille de Jesus

After weeks of preparation, the long awaited day finally came for the students, parents and teachers from the SLC Day Care to attend "Ang Pagtatapos" – a day of recognition for those students who completed one year of preschool education at IT Tender. 

The event was held at Max’s Restaurant on March 29, 2014. The IT Tender staff, parents, and visitors were delighted to see the children dressed up so formally. The program kicked off with the preschool class of 2014 parading in proudly. As their teacher, the most exciting part for me was giving the children their certificates and special awards. The room was filled with strong emotions and beautiful reactions on the faces of the parents as their children were acknowledged on stage. With a beaming smile, one father literally jumped for joy as his son marched to the stage.

There were also tears of joy when the parents received a rose and a big hug from their children. Students traditionally give a rose to their parents as a token of appreciation for their support and efforts throughout the school year.  Seeing the overflow of happiness from the parents made me just as proud as they are for these children who are now prepared to face the next level of their education.

Things we are thankful for:
·      Christine Tekiner – IT Tender’s first high school graduate from the Sponsor A Child Program!
·      John Coffey and Jamielyn Torres attended the International Teams East Asia conference in Vietnam where John was received well as a key note speaker, teaching on community transformation
·      Cecille now has all the funds needed for her surgery and her pre-op medical treatment is going well. We are praying that she can undergo the surgery in early July
·      Jizza Magallanes – our Intern Social worker – has graduated from university!
·      The whole team was able to take a week off over Easter and everyone enjoyed a well-earned break

Things we would love you to pray for:
·        Jizza is now reviewing for her board exam which will enable her to become a licensed Social Worker, please pray for wisdom as she prepares for this exam
·        Financial provision for Gabriel as he prepares to go back to school

Thank you for your prayers and support! Without it, none of our programs would be possible. We are truly grateful for your support.

Donate to IT Tender:
Contact IT Tender: (John Coffey, Director)

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