Thursday, April 3, 2014

April Newsletter

A New Journey Starts Today
By Gabby Malquisto

For the school year 2013-2014, we congratulate five of our Alternative Learning System (ALS) graduates who passed their Accreditation and Equivalency Examination last October 2013 – completing their high school qualifications. In March we received a message from our Mobile Teacher announcing that five of the nine students who attempted the comprehensive exam passed this year, which makes us joyful and thankful to the Lord after months of waiting for the results.

Before the results were announced, we met with the learners who took the exam and asked two simple questions. Firstly, we asked about their plans if they failed the exam. We were encouraged by their answers that they would continue and are willing to try the exam again next year. Secondly, we asked about their plans if they pass the exam. Most of them want to go to college. Some want to be teachers and entrepreneurs but all of them have dreams that are full of hope.

After a year of hardship and perseverance, we have seen the students’ motivation and willingness to learn and to strive to achieve their goals.  Truly, the Lord honors those who trust in Him, and we are blessed by the lives of our young people who do not stop dreaming even in the tough situations they face in their daily lives. To God be all the glory!

A.L.S. 2013-2014 Passers
1. Rechelle Villaluna Lizardo
2. Gimma Galapin Golejon
3. Karen Yoingco Pimentel
4. Catherine Marinas
5. Eliezer Marfil

Two of our A.L.S. Passers of 2013-2014

Rechelle Lizardo 

Gimma Galapin Solejon

Nutrition and Hygiene Seminar
By Karin Jose

We continue to be blessed by all the support and guidance the local "barangay" (community council) has extended to us at IT Tender.

On March 3rd IT Tender had the privilege of partnering with the Muntinlupa Department of Health to host a Nutrition and Hygiene seminar at our drop-in center. Professional nutritionist and health care workers led the seminar. Parents with children in our Food For Life program, SLC Daycare and SMART Kids joined us for a great morning learning the importance of good nutrition and hygiene. We were also able to get some tips on preparing affordable yet nutritious meals.

The Health Department has invited IT Tender to bring parents to a Family Planning seminar in April and as a team we are particularly excited about this. It will give parents a chance to hear different opinions on and be educated about a subject that in The Philippines is often seen as taboo, yet plays a large role in the poverty cycle.

Please join us in prayer that these seminars will have a lasting impact in the lives of the children and their families.

Prayers and Praises

Things we are thankful for:

  •       IT Tender’s Social Work Intern Jizza Magallanes now has all the funds required for her school fees, examinations and graduation. Thank you to the donors who have so generously supported her
  •        The 5 ALS passers who passed their High School Accreditation and Equivalency Examination
  •       Full time IT Tender worker Gabby Malquisto has passed his entrance exam enabling him to go back to college to attain his degree in Education – more details to follow in the coming months
  •      Thank you to everyone who has so generously contributed to Cecille’s medical fund; we have now reached our target! She is taking medication first before she is ready for the operation in July
Things we would like prayer for:
  •         Pray for wisdom, strength, and good health for the IT Tender team and their families

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